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Building a Smarter German-American Partnership
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German Issues

West Germany/East Germany and the German Question
By Stobbe, Dieterich, Max Schmidt, Otto Wolff von Amerongen, Klaus von Beyme and Walter Wallmann
German Issues 1 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1986).

The Federal Republic: An Integral Part of the Western World
By Lowenthal, Richard
German Issues 2 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1986).

Research and Study of the German Democratic Republic
By Baylis, Thomas A., Doric Cornelsen, Gert-Joachim Glaessner, Patricia Herminghouse and Friedrich-Christian Schroeder
German Issues 3 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1986).

West German Political Parties: CDU, CSU, FDP, SPD and the Greens
By Cerny, Karl, David Conradt, Russell Dalton, Peter Merkl, Donald Schoonmaker and Christian Soe
German Issues 4 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1986).

West Germany’s Economy: Origins, Problems, and Perspectives
By Walter, Norbert
German Issues 5 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1987).

German and American Management: Similarities, Differences, and Problems
By Henzler, Herbert and Mark Young
German Issues – Special Number (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1989).

The German Problem: A Personal View
By Kennan, George
German Issues 6 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1989).

After the Revolution: The New Political Landscape in East Germany
By Hamilton, Daniel
German Issues 7 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1990).

The Path to German Unity—The Constitutional, Legal and International Framework
By Dolzer, Rudolf
German Issues 8 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1990).

Unified Germany at the Polls: Political Parties and the 1990 Federal Election
By Conradt, David. German Issues 9 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1990).
Speeches for Our Time: Richard von Weizsäcker
German Issues 10 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1992).

France and the New Germany
By Kramer, Steven Phillip
German Issues 11 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1993).

America and the New Germany
By Smyser, W.R.
German Issues 12 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1993).

The German Bundesrat, The Länder and German Federalism
By Thaysen, Uwe
German Issues 13 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1994).

The Federal Constitutional Court
By Kommers, Donald P.
German Issues 14 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1994).

Election Year 1994: Continuity and Change in the German Political Parties
By Carr, Jonathon
German Issues 15 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1994).

The Federal Presidency
By Spath, Franz
German Issues 16 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1996).

European Monetary Union or Neotribalism in Europe?
By Walter, Norbert
German Issues 17 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1997).

Lessons From the Past, Visions for the Future
By Herzog, Roman
German Issues 18 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1997).

The Bundesbank
By Kennedy, Ellen
German Issues 19 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1997).

The Verfassungsschutz
By Richter, Michaela
German Issues 20 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1998).

Germany: Reluctant Land of Immigration
By Martin, Philip L.
German Issues 21 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1998).

The Legacy of Kosovo: German Politics and Policies in the Balkans
Ed. Friedrich, Wolfgang-Uwe
German Issues 22 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2000).

The Euro: Second to (N)one
By Walter, Norbert
German Issues 23 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2000).

Parliamentary Parties in the German Bundestag
By Schüttemeyer, Suzanne S.
German Issues 24 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2001).

Redefining German Security: Prospects for Bundeswehr Reform
German Issues 25 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2001).
Cooperation or Competition? American, European Union and German Policies in the Balkans
Ed. Lily Gardner Feldman
German Issues 26 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2001).

Contemporary Perspectives on European Security
By Esther Brimmer, Benjamin Schreer and Christian Tuschhoff
German Issues 27 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2002).

Commissioner for the Stasi Files
By Johannes Legner
German Issues 28 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2003).

Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series

American and German Cultural Policies in Eastern Europe: Assessing Developments in the 1990s
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Workshop Presentation
(Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1998).

Revisiting Zero Hour 1945: The Emergence of Postwar German Culture
By Brockmann, Stephen, Niel H. Donahue, Jeffrey Herf, Thomas Kniesche and Sabine von Dirke
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 1 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1996).

What Remains? East German Culture and the Postwar Public
Ed. Silberman, Marc
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 2 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1997).

German Cultures, Foreign Cultures: The Politics of Belonging
Ed. Peck, Jeffrey
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 3 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1998).

Cultures in Conflict: Visual Arts in Eastern Germany since 1990
Ed. Deshmukh, Marion
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 4 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1998).

Who is a German?  Historical and Modern Perspectives on Africans in Germany
Ed. Hopkins, Leroy T., Jr.
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 5 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1999).

The Cultural Legitimacy of the Federal Republic: Assessing the German Kulturstaat
Ed.  Trommler, Frank
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 6 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1999).

Berlin: The New Capital in the East. A Transatlantic Appraisal
Ed. Trommler, Frank
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 7 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2000).

A Sound Legacy? Music and Politics in East Germany
Ed. Larkey, Edward
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 8 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2000).

Whose Brain Drain? Immigrant Scholars and American Views of Germany
Ed. Hohendahl, Peter Uwe
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 9 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2001).

Does Euroland Have a Culture? An American-German Exchange
Ed. Lützeler, Paul Michael Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 10 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2001).

Feminist Movements in a Globalizing World: German and American Perspectives
Ed. Lennox, Sara Lennox and Silke Roth
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 11 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2002).

Moving Images of East Germany: Past and Future of DEFA Film
Ed. Byg, Barton and Betheny Moore
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 12 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2002).

The Cultural After-life of the GDR: New Transnational Perspectives
Ed. Adelson, Leslie A. Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 13 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2002).

War and Terror in Historical and Contemporary Perspective
Ed. Geyer, Michael
Harry & Helen Gray Humanities Program Report Series 14 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2003).

Policy Papers

Institutional Legacies: Patterns of Skill Formation and Contemporary Shop-Floor Politics
By Thelen, Kathleen
Policy Paper 1 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 1997).

Education, Vocational Training and Job Mobility
By Hinz, Thomas
Policy Paper 2 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 1997).

Success and Failure in Training Reforms: France and Germany
By Culpepper, Pepper
Policy Paper 3 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 1997).

Continuing Training in an Aging German Economy
By Gatter, Jutta
Policy Paper 4 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 1997).

Germany’s New Long-Term Care Policy: Profile and Assessment of the Social Dependency Insurance
By Schneider, Ulrike
Policy Paper 5 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 1997).

Cost Containment vs. Solidarity in the Welfare State: The Case of German and American Health Care Reform
By Giaimo, Susan
Policy Paper 6 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 1998).

Gender Disparities in Higher Education and Academic Careers in Germany and the U.S.
By Fuchs, Stefan
Policy Paper 7 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 1999).

Committee Influence on Conference Bills: An Empirical Analysis of Congressional Bill Tracking Data
By Eckstein, Gabriele
Policy Paper 8 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 1999).

Welfare Reform in the United States: Lessons for a Future Social Federation of the EMU
By Schelkle, Waltraud
Policy Paper 9 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2000).

Mutual Recognition and Standard Setting: Public and Private Strategies for Regulating Transatlantic Markets
By Egan, Michelle
Policy Paper 10 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2000).

The Evolution of Early Retirement: Explaining Policy Blockage and Policy Frustration
By Mares, Isabela
Policy Paper 11 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2000).

The Future of European Training: and Politics
By Tate, Jay
Policy Paper 12 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2000).

The Relevance of Perceptions in Foreign Policy
By Hertkorn, Michaela
Policy Paper 13 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2001).

Who Writes the Rules of E-Commerce? A Case Study of the Global Business Dialogue on E-Commerce (GBDe)
By Green Cowles, Maria
Policy Paper 14 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2001).

Globalization and Political Conflict: The Long-term Prognosis
By Gruber, Lloyd
Policy Paper 15 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2001).

What’s New About the New Economy? An Explanation of Firm Size, Growth, and Liquidity
By Elston, Julie
Policy Paper 16 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2001).

The Internet, European Financial Markets, and the Valuation of New Economy Firms
By Bank, Matthias
Policy Paper 17 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2002).

Multilevel Governance in U.S. Workforce Development: The Case of the Workforce Investment Act
By Hartwig, Ines
Policy Paper 18 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2002).

The Politics of Finalizing EU Enlargement: Towards an Ever Looser Union?
By Tuschhoff, Christian
Policy Paper 19 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2002).

The Transatlantic Security Network
By Oudraat, Chantal de Jonge
Policy Paper 20 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2002).

AGI/DaimlerChrysler Publication Series

Privacy and Other Civil Liberties in the United States after September 11
By Cate, Fred H.
AGI/DaimlerChrysler Publication Series (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2001).

A New Transatlantic Strategy for Terrorism and Asymmetric Warfare
By Cordesman, Anthony
AGI/DaimlerChrysler Publication Series (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2001).

German-American Relations and the Campaign Against Terrorism
By Hamilton, Daniel S.
AGI/DaimlerChrysler Publication Series (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2002).

Fighting Terror in Germany
By Jansen, Klaus
AGI/DaimlerChrysler Publication Series (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2001).

German Perspectives on the New Strategic Landscape After September 11
By Kaiser, Karl
AGI/DaimlerChrysler Publication Series (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2001).

Combating the Terrorist-Criminal Nexus
By Van Scherpenberg, Jens
AGI/DaimlerChrysler Publication Series (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2001).

Strategic Aspects of the Global Campaign against Terrorism and some Political Military Implications: A German View
By Weisser, Ulrich
AGI/DaimlerChrysler Publication Series (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2001).

The Role of Economic Sanctions in Combating International Terrorism (And its Place in the Trans-Atlantic Alliance)
By Winer, Jonathan
AGI/DaimlerChrysler Publication Series (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2001).

Speech on Terrorism, November 29, 2001
Woolsey, James
AGI/DaimlerChrysler Publication Series (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2001).

Internationalization of Production: Options and Responses.  Evidence from German Enterprises in Hungary
By Michael Fichter
AGI/DaimlerChrysler Publication Series (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 2003).

Economic Studies Program Reports

Europe’s Economy Looks East: Implications for Germany and the EU
By Black, Stanley W.
Economic Studies Program Reports 1 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 1995).

Which Way Ahead for European Financial Markets: The German or the Anglo-Saxon Model?
By Black, Stanley W.
Economic Studies Program Reports 2 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 1996).

Globalization, Technological Change and the Welfare State
By Black, Stanley W.
Economic Studies Program Reports 3 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 1998).

The European Central Bank: How Accountable?  How Decentralized?
By Meade, E. Ellen, ed.
Economic Studies Program Reports 4 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 1999).

Reversal of Fortune?  An Assessment of the German Biotechnology Sector in Comparative Perspective
By Silvia, Stephen J., ed.
Economic Studies Program Reports 5 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 1999).

Ecological Tax Reform in Germany: From Theory to Policy
By Kohlhaas, Michael
Economic Studies Program Reports 6 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2000).

Unemployment Ebbs in Germany: Explanations and Expectations
By Silvia, Stephen J., ed.
Economic Studies Program Reports 7 (Washington, D.C.: AGI 2000).

Seminar Papers

German-Jewish Reconciliation? Facing the Past and Looking to the Future, Seminar Paper- A Washington Symposium
By Peter Ross
Seminar Paper Series (Washington, D.C.: AGI, December 1991).

The Economic Impact of German Reunification on Central and Eastern Europe
By Inotai, András
Seminar Paper Series 1 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, June 1992).

German and American Export Controls
By Kipling, Bogdan
Seminar Paper Series 2  (Washington, D.C.: AGI, September 1992).

The Role of the State in the Transition from a Planned to a Market Economy: German Experiences and Perspectives
By Schlecht, Otto
Seminar Paper Series 3 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, September 1992).

Germany’s Economic Unification Two Years Later
By Watrin, Christian
Seminar Paper Series 4 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, January 1993).

German Foreign Policy and the German ‘National Interest’: German and American Perspectives
By Maull, Hanns W. and Philip H. Gordon
Seminar Paper Series 5 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, January 1993).

Agricultural Protectionism and the Agricultural LobBy in Germany: International Implications of Domestic Policies
By Tangermann, Stephan
Seminar Paper Series 6 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, July 1993).

New Challenges to Germany: Foreigners and the German Response
By Bee, Ronald
Seminar Paper Series 7 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, March 1994).

The Imposition of the Law of the Federal Republic: A Stumbling Block for East Germany’s Recovery
By Feddersen, Dieter
Seminar Paper Series 8 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, April 1994).

Final Report of the Southeastern Regional American Assembly, April 1994.  Germany, America, and the International Economy, Seminar Paper, Special Number.
Seminar Paper Series (Washington, D.C.: AGI, April 1994).

German Unification and Europe: A Zero-Sum Game?
By Wegner, Manfred
Seminar Paper Series 9 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, September 1994).

The Abortion Debate in Transatlantic Perspective
By Sass, Hans-Martin, Kevin Wm. Wildes, Ingeborg Retzlaff, R. Alta Charo and Hans-Georg Koch
Seminar Paper Series 10 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, March 1995).

Competitiveness.  Defining the Terms, Shaping the Policies: A German-American Dialogue
By Wever, Kirsten S., Lorenz Schomerus, Alan Krueger, Franz Lehner, Gary Hufbauer, Norbert Walter and Klaus Friedrich
Seminar Paper Series 11 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, May 1995).

Renewing the Social Contract: Management and Labor Relations in Germany’s Changing Economy, 1994 Dieter zur Loye Lecture Series
By Murmann, Klaus, Werner Tegtmeier and Werner Meissner
Seminar Paper Series 12 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, May 1995).

Ideas and Foreign Policy: The Case of the Federal Republic of Germany
By Banchoff, Thomas
Seminar Paper Series 13 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, May 1995).

Immigration and Asylum in Germany and the United States: Challenges and Choices
By Midgley, Elizabeth
Seminar Paper Series 14 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, August 1995).

German Big Business and Brussels: Learning to Play the Game
By Cowles, Maria Green
Seminar Paper Series 15 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, November 1995).

Comparative Public Policies in Germany and the United States
By Allen, Christopher, Peter Berg, Lynn Duggan, Myra Marx Ferree, Peter Katzenstein, Wolfgang Reinicke, Stephen Silvia, Kathleen Thelen and Kirsten Weaver
Seminar Paper Series 16 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, February 1996).

Nature and Ideology: The Search for Identity and Nationalism in Early 20th-Century German Landscape Architecture
By Wolschke-Bulmahn, Joachim
Seminar Paper Series 17 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, February 1996).

Setting the Agenda for Transatlantic Relations
By Schomerus, Lorenz
Seminar Paper Series 18 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, March 1996).

TAFTA: Fueling Trade Discrimination or Global Liberalization?
By Siebert, Horst
Seminar Paper Series 19 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, March 1996).

Rethinking Responses to the Holocaust: German and American Commentaries on Daniel Goldhagen’s “Hitler’s Willing Executioners.”
By Trommler, Frank, Leon Botstein, Peter Schneider, Jeffrey Peck, Lily Gardner Feldman and Herbert Strauss, eds.
Seminar Paper Series 20 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, June 1997).

Telecommunications and Competition in the European Union: Is the North American or British Experience a Guide?
By Laidlaw, Campbell, Richard Schultz and Gerry Wall
Seminar Paper Series 21 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, 1997).

Regulatory Challenges and Market Opportunities: German and American Experiences with Telecommunications Reform
Seminar Paper Series 22 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, March 1999).

From ‘Alte Tante’ to European ‘Macher’: German Telecommunications in the Global Economy
By Christopher S. Allen, ed.
Seminar Paper Series 23 (Washington, D.C.: AGI, March 1999).