Do We Need a Digital Bretton Woods?

The development of the Internet, and thus of the digital world, has had a transformative effect on the global economy. The transatlantic economy has been at the forefront of that …

Episode 67: Will Germany’s Zeitenwende Stick?

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz declared a “Zeitenwende,” a historic turning point for Germany’s security and defense policy. Scholz pledged to set up an …

Episode 66: Are the International Trading System and Globalization in Crisis?

On this episode of the podcast, AICGS President Jeff Rathke and Peter Rashish, Director of the AICGS Geoeconomics Program, discuss the ongoing challenges facing international trade, potential reforms to the …

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Underestimated Threat to Pluralist Democracy

Anti-Feminism in Parliamentary Speeches made by Female MPs of the Populist Radical Right in Germany and the United States Voters in many European countries are turning away from mainstream parties, …

Misperceptions and Distortions

How China, Germany, the EU, and the United States View Each Other in Times of War and Turmoil Dealing with a dynamic and increasingly assertive China is one of the …

The Zeitenwende: Germany’s Reluctant Revolution

Talking about a revolution Three days into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced a revolution in German foreign policy. At an extraordinary session of the German Bundestag …