A Guide German Party Election Platforms 2021

  CDU / CSU (the Union) Campaign Platform Foreign Policy Work together with democratic partners, especially in Latin America and the Indo-Pacific, to address issues such as climate change, trade, …

Media Coverage of Chancellor Merkel Receiving Honorary Degree from JHU

On July 15, 2021, German Chancellor Angela Merkel received a Doctor of Humane Letters (honoris causa) from Johns Hopkins University during her official visit to Washington, DC. AICGS was proud …

Peter Rashish Interviewed on Chancellor Merkel’s Washington, DC, Visit

Ahead of the meeting between the U.S. and German leaders, Geoeconomics Program Director Peter Rashish spoke with  the Italian news site In the interview, “Biden’s Bet on Merkel and …

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Germany’s Memory Culture and the Alternative for Germany

Issue Brief 62 For decades, the dominant narrative about the evolution of collective memory in the Federal Republic of Germany has been that after several decades of silence, evasion, and …

Trump, Merkel, and Putin

Lessons and Legacies for Transatlantic Cooperation toward Russia Following Russia’s actions against Ukraine in 2014, Germany and the United States cooperated extensively to put into place an effective transatlantic response …

Spatial Inequality and Populist Voting in Germany and the United States

Although having lost the U.S. presidential election, the number of votes won by populist president Donald J. Trump still exceeded many expectations. Similarly, the populist German party Alternative für Deutschland …