Reviving China’s Health Silk Road Initiative? Battle of Narratives and Challenges for Transatlantic Leadership

Many European nations’ healthcare systems are pushed beyond their limits by the novel coronavirus pandemic. In the race to secure medical supplies, it’s every country for itself. China, which bore …

Episode 21: The Fate of the Economy Post-Corona

As governments shape their responses to the coronavirus pandemic, the economic impact of the crisis is growing. In the U.S., the surge in unemployment claims is four times greater than …

Has the Coronavirus Pandemic Broken the Populist Fever?

One of the biggest challenges that pundits and intellectuals have confronted over the last few years is the rise of right-wing populism across the (western) world. A vigorous debate over …

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Lost in Translation: The Meaning of Sanctuary for Immigrants in the U.S. and Germany

Issue Brief 61 The American concept of “sanctuary cities” for asylum seekers is foreign—and somewhat incomprehensible—to Germans. In the United States, “sanctuary jurisdictions” are relatively few, and they are established …

A Tale of Two Futures: The Future of Work Debate in Germany and the U.S.

The future of work is, in many respects, now. Digital technologies are driving enormous change processes in the economy and society with impacts reaching far beyond Silicon Valley, stretching even …

The Afghanistan War: Collective Memory Formation in the United States and Germany

Introduction More than eighteen years have passed since October 2001, when U.S. forces were deployed to Afghanistan after the Taliban regime refused to extradite Osama bin Laden and shut down …