Episode 58: Economic Transformation and Social Divisions in Germany’s Ruhrgebiet

On this episode of the Podcast, AICGS President Jeff Rathke talks with participants in the AICGS project on social divisions in Germany and the United States, which recently visited the …

The EU’s Old School Approach to Russian Oil

Over the last two years, the European Union has innovated in a remarkable fashion to strengthen both its internal and external roles as an economic actor. As the EU struggles …

Recovering More Than Profits

According to the usual statistics, the United States is leading the pack out of the pandemic. Already by the end of 2021, GDP was 5 percent higher than at the …

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Phasing Out Coal in Germany and Appalachia

Lessons Learned from Similar Experiences? The UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, known as COP 26, was held in November 2021, and it again showed that the world continues to face …

Rebooting the U.S.-EU Defense Relationship

President Biden has come into office determined to reboot the U.S.-EU relationship after four years of tension between Washington and Brussels. The Biden administration acknowledges that the European Union is …

Fresh Start or False Dawn?

Prospects for U.S.-German relations in the post-Merkel era The pieces in U.S.-German relations are in flux. With the ‘traffic light’ coalition between the SPD, Greens, and FDP in office, German …