Episode 64: Economic Power amid Geopolitical Competition—A Conversation with Barry Eichengreen

In a stark display of their economic power following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States and its allies deployed an array of sanctions aimed at curtailing Russia’s access to …

Episode 63: Trust, Media Literacy, and Regulation—How to Think about Fake News, Misinformation, and Disinformation in Germany and the United States

On this episode of The Zeitgeist, AICGS President Jeff Rathke is joined by Alex Sängerlaub, the director and co-founder of futur eins in Berlin, and Rebekah Tromble, Associate Professor and …

The Decaffeinated Crisis

East Germany and Social Unrest in 1977 As the current supply chain issues continue, it is worth examining how similar disruptions have historically caused social unrest. Despite scarcity, the German …

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Misperceptions and Distortions

How China, Germany, the EU, and the United States View Each Other in Times of War and Turmoil Dealing with a dynamic and increasingly assertive China is one of the …

The Zeitenwende: Germany’s Reluctant Revolution

Talking about a revolution Three days into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced a revolution in German foreign policy. At an extraordinary session of the German Bundestag …

Phasing Out Coal in Germany and Appalachia

Lessons Learned from Similar Experiences? The UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, known as COP 26, was held in November 2021, and it again showed that the world continues to face …