Can the German Obsession with Balanced Budgets Be Overcome?

For many years international observers, including U.S. Nobel laureates like Paul Krugman and Robert Solow, have been wondering about certain peculiarities in German economic reasoning and economic policy. These seem …

What the Next President Can Do to Save Our Alliances with Europe

The transatlantic relationship has suffered a series of near-fatal blows in recent years. President Trump has openly questioned America’s Article 5 commitment to defend any attacked NATO member, dubbed the …

AICGS is now accepting applications for its project “Social Divisions and Questions of Identity in Germany and the United States”

Apply by May 31, 2020, to participate in AICGS’ project “Social Divisions and Questions of Identity in Germany and the United States.” AICGS is recruiting sixteen participants (eight from Germany, …

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A Tale of Two Futures: The Future of Work Debate in Germany and the U.S.

The future of work is, in many respects, now. Digital technologies are driving enormous change processes in the economy and society with impacts reaching far beyond Silicon Valley, stretching even …

The Afghanistan War: Collective Memory Formation in the United States and Germany

Introduction More than eighteen years have passed since October 2001, when U.S. forces were deployed to Afghanistan after the Taliban regime refused to extradite Osama bin Laden and shut down …

Migration and Integration in Germany: The First Two Decades of the Twenty-First Century

Issue Brief 60 Few issues in recent years have dominated public and political discourse inside and outside of Germany as migration and integration. The movement of millions of people into …