Germany Emerges from Economic Realpolitik

The 178-page coalition agreement announced last week by Germany’s next government comprised of the Social Democrats (SPD), Greens, and Free Democrats (FDP) and called “Alliance for Freedom, Justice, and Sustainability” …

Episode 47: False Information, Conspiracy Theories, and Right-Wing Extremism

Since the Covid 19 pandemic began in many countries, conspiracy theories and political extremism have grown but particularly in the United States and Germany. False information has flourished, leading the …

Episode 46: Transatlantic Trade Policy for the Future: Climate, WTO, and China

Trade is one of the most important elements in the transatlantic relationship, and the values of open and fair competition have underpinned efforts by the United States and the European …

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Revamping China Policy for The Transatlantic Alliance: Major Issues for the United States and Germany

Policy Report 71 How to deal effectively with China’s growing influence and global ambition is the top policy challenge for the United States, Germany, and the EU. China is no …

Germany’s Memory Culture and the Alternative for Germany

Issue Brief 62 For decades, the dominant narrative about the evolution of collective memory in the Federal Republic of Germany has been that after several decades of silence, evasion, and …

Trump, Merkel, and Putin

Lessons and Legacies for Transatlantic Cooperation toward Russia Following Russia’s actions against Ukraine in 2014, Germany and the United States cooperated extensively to put into place an effective transatlantic response …