Compartmentalizing the Transatlantic Economic Relationship

What is the best way to judge the success of the third meeting of the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) held on December 5th at the University of Maryland …

“The Capacity to Step into Someone Else’s Shoes”

How Local Initiatives Drive Cohesion and Global Progress “Social cohesion depends on the capacity to step into someone else’s shoes.” What emerged as a collective working definition for our research …

Dortmund & Buffalo

Reflections on Social Divisions & Questions of Identity in Germany and the United States In March and June 2022, the second cohort of the AICGS Social Divisions and Questions of …

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Learning from the Pandemic

Transatlantic Solutions to Global Crises The AICGS project “Transatlantic Cooperation in Times of Global Crises – Opportunity and Imperative for Cooperation” took an expanded look at how Germany and the …

Underestimated Threat to Pluralist Democracy

Anti-Feminism in Parliamentary Speeches made by Female MPs of the Populist Radical Right in Germany and the United States Voters in many European countries are turning away from mainstream parties, …

Misperceptions and Distortions

How China, Germany, the EU, and the United States View Each Other in Times of War and Turmoil Dealing with a dynamic and increasingly assertive China is one of the …