Ami Goes Home

The announcement by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper confirming the removal of 12,000 U.S. troops from Germany marks the end of an era. Over 12 million American service personnel and …

Up from the Cellars

Part Three of Rubble Child’s World: Stories from Bremen’s Ruins Introduction In the Introduction to her outstanding work of oral history of German women who lived during the Second World …

Jeff Rathke on Trump’s Decision to Move Troops from Germany in CNN Politics

AICGS President Jeff Rathke discusses the Trump administration’s recent decision to pull nearly 12,000 troops from Germany, nothing that removing troops removes them from, “the best place from which they …

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The Fall of the Berlin Wall: 30 Years Later

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Enduring Partnership

Recommendations to the Next U.S. Administration for the German-American Relationship In this publication, AICGS scholars and staff focus on the common interests that can form the basis of renewed transatlantic …

Lost in Translation: The Meaning of Sanctuary for Immigrants in the U.S. and Germany

Issue Brief 61 The American concept of “sanctuary cities” for asylum seekers is foreign—and somewhat incomprehensible—to Germans. In the United States, “sanctuary jurisdictions” are relatively few, and they are established …

A Tale of Two Futures: The Future of Work Debate in Germany and the U.S.

The future of work is, in many respects, now. Digital technologies are driving enormous change processes in the economy and society with impacts reaching far beyond Silicon Valley, stretching even …