Cybersecurity Roundtable on Public-Private Partnerships

Bringing together German and American decision-makers to cooperate on areas of mutual interest in the area of cybersecurity and cyber defense policy, the Cybersecurity Roundtable on Public-Private Partnerships works to strengthen transatlantic cooperation on cybersecurity.

Mission Impossible?

Countering hybrid threats and digital propaganda What cyber threats did we encounter during the US mid-terms and the state elections in Germany? Where were we able to successfully thwart intrusions …


German-American Cybersecurity Roundtable

The Biggest Hurdles for Cybersecurity The AICGS Cybersecurity Roundtable on Public-Private Partnerships aims to bring together German and American decision-makers to cooperate on areas of mutual interest in the area …


Cyber Wars and the State as Actor

This workshop aims to bring together German and American decision-makers to cooperate on areas of mutual interest in the area of cybersecurity and cyber defense policy. We are honored that …


Where the Truth Lies – News in the Era of Social Media and “the Economy of Attention”

“The more [people] are instructed, the less liable they are to the delusions of enthusiasm and superstition, which, among ignorant nations, frequently occasion the most dreadful disorders.” – Adam Smith …

Tackling Disinformation the European Way

Between May 23 and 26, 2019, more than 300 million voters will take to the ballot boxes across twenty-seven European nations, and, in doing so, will participate in one of …

Defending Democracy in the Cybersphere

Strong Democracies Need Strong Partners: Lessons from a German-American Cyber Dialogue Policy Report 69 Foreword by Jeff Rathke President, AICGS On the day that President Donald Trump met with Chancellor …

The Attribution Dilemma: It’s Everybody’s Business

What to do when the “bad guys” perpetrating a cyber hack or intrusion do not fit into a Cold War paradigm that separates good and evil along the border between …

Strategic Resource Sharing is Essential to Securing Election Infrastructure for the 2020 Election Season

Secure and resilient election infrastructure is the cornerstone of a thriving and reliable democratic system of government. The U.S. is grappling with how to best equip state and local election …

Beyond Elections’ Digital Propaganda: Need for Improvement of Public Debates

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, we have been increasingly facing non-military threats, including digital disinformation campaigns, which have a world-wide effect. In the context of national and international …

Defending Democratic Institutions and Processes: A Call for a Multi-Stakeholder Response

Running a political campaign was never an easy endeavor. That is not necessarily negative. Few worthwhile endeavors can ever be considered “easy” and it is arguably the struggle against meaningful …

Why We Need to Think about a “Disinformation CERT”

In order to function properly, democracies depend on open deliberations and fact-based discussions. As our public discourses have increasingly moved online, social media platforms have become critical infrastructures for our …

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

We are currently facing an accelerated digital transformation. More and more critical transactions are processed online, and a tremendous amount of core data is available in digital form. Accordingly, trust …

Industry and Government Leaders Call for New Election Standards to Protect Democracy

Meeting for a third German-American Cybersecurity Roundtable in Brussels on November 16, industry leaders joined government officials in calling for a more coordinated effort to secure election infrastructure and to …

Second Roundtable Looks at Role of Private Sector and Civil Society in Attribution

Defense and tech experts from the United States and Germany gathered in the conference room of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies in Washington, DC, on May 23 to …

AICGS and Microsoft launch cybersecurity roundtable on public-private partnerships

On the same day that President Trump and Chancellor Merkel met in Washington to discuss priorities for the transatlantic agenda, the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies hosted a roundtable …

Project Description

The Cybersecurity Roundtable on Public-Private Partnership examines how government and nongovernment actors can work together to strengthen early warning and protect against cyber-attacks and illegal intrusions. It looks for ways to develop common strategies for strengthening cybersecurity. The need for the private sector to be part of the dialogue, not only as administrators of government policies, but as standard-setters for privacy and critical infrastructure protection, will remain a priority. Likewise, close cooperation between state agencies and the private sector will remain vital to ensure protection of infrastructure serving the state, the military, and civil society, as well as intellectual property. Agreeing to uphold binding standards to strengthen cybersecurity and advance digitalization will be a vital part of that cooperation.


Sarah Lohmann
Dr. Sarah Lohmann is AICGS’ Senior Cyber Fellow based in Germany. She coordinates the Institute’s cyber projects, including the Cybersecurity Roundtable on Public-Private Partnerships, to cooperate on cyber policy. Dr. Lohmann is an expert in the field of international relations, human rights, and security policy. With over a decade of experience in government and in the classroom, she offers a unique perspective as a well-traveled practitioner and policymaker who also delights in academia.

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