Cybersecurity Roundtable on Public-Private Partnerships

Bringing together German and American decision-makers to cooperate on areas of mutual interest in the area of cybersecurity and cyber defense policy, the Cybersecurity Roundtable on Public-Private Partnerships works to strengthen transatlantic cooperation on cybersecurity.

Project Description

The Cybersecurity Roundtable on Public-Private Partnership examines how government and nongovernment actors can work together to strengthen early warning and protect against cyber-attacks and illegal intrusions. It looks for ways to develop common strategies for strengthening cybersecurity. The need for the private sector to be part of the dialogue, not only as administrators of government policies, but as standard-setters for privacy and critical infrastructure protection, will remain a priority. Likewise, close cooperation between state agencies and the private sector will remain vital to ensure protection of infrastructure serving the state, the military, and civil society, as well as intellectual property. Agreeing to uphold binding standards to strengthen cybersecurity and advance digitalization will be a vital part of that cooperation.


Sarah Lohmann
Dr. Sarah Lohmann is AGI’s Senior Cyber Fellow based in Germany. She coordinates the Institute’s cyber projects, including the Cybersecurity Roundtable on Public-Private Partnerships, to cooperate on cyber policy. Dr. Lohmann is an expert in the field of international relations, human rights, and security policy. With over a decade of experience in government and in the classroom, she offers a unique perspective as a well-traveled practitioner and policymaker who also delights in academia.

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