Sarah Lohmann

Sarah Lohmann

AICGS Senior Cyber Fellow

Dr. Sarah Lohmann is currently the Senior Cyber Fellow with the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies at Johns Hopkins University. She manages projects which aim to increase agreement between Germany and the United States on improving cybersecurity and creating cybernorms. Since 2010, Dr. Lohmann has served as a university instructor at the Universität der Bundeswehr, where she is currently teaching cybersecurity policy. She achieved her doctorate in political science there in 2013, when she became a senior researcher working for the political science department.

Prior to her tenure at the Universität der Bundeswehr, Dr. Lohmann was a press spokesman for the U.S. Department of State for human rights as well as for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (MEPI). Before her government service, she was a journalist. She has been published in multiple books and written over a thousand articles in international press outlets. Her current areas of research include cybersecurity as it relates to election security, national security, transatlantic relations, energy, international law, and big data. She is a public speaker in international forums on issues of cyber security, defense, and transatlantic relations.

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New Project to Strengthen the German-American Relationship Up for Vote in NATO

Over 50 academics and cyber and energy experts from across NATO and Partnership for Peace countries gathered in Washington, DC, on September 24 and 25 for a third workshop on …

New Book Chapter from AICGS Senior Cyber Fellow Dr. Sarah Lohmann

Redesigning Organizations: Concepts for the Connected Society, edited by Denise Feldner, is now available. The book offers readers a deeper understanding of the cyberspace, of how institutions and industries are reinventing …

Digital Propaganda: Russia or the Kid Next Door?

Chapter Summary Russian propaganda efforts have changed significantly since the Cold War era. Back then, NATO served to support the will of the people yearning for change in Soviet bloc …

A Transatlantic Innovation Strategy and Tomorrow’s Black Swan

“Black Swans” are the unpredictable, high impact events that must be accounted for in every early warning algorithm. Their catastrophic consequences can often be predicted only in hindsight. In the …

Attacks on the Energy Grid and the Future of Democracy

AICGS’ Senior Cyber Fellow Sarah Lohmann spoke on “Attacks on the Energy Grid and the Future of Democracy” and “Confidence Building Measures for Transatlantic Cooperation” at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on March …

The Two-Letter Word Leaders are Letting Define the Transatlantic Relationship: 5G

If last year’s Munich Security Conference (MSC) marked the very public breakup of the United States’ relationship with Europe, this year’s stage message was that Europe had moved on, for …

Defending Democracy in the Cybersphere

Strong Democracies Need Strong Partners: Lessons from a German-American Cyber Dialogue Policy Report 69 Foreword by Jeff Rathke President, AICGS On the day that President Donald Trump met with Chancellor …

The Attribution Dilemma: It’s Everybody’s Business

What to do when the “bad guys” perpetrating a cyber hack or intrusion do not fit into a Cold War paradigm that separates good and evil along the border between …

Industry and Government Leaders Call for New Election Standards to Protect Democracy

Meeting for a third German-American Cybersecurity Roundtable in Brussels on November 16, industry leaders joined government officials in calling for a more coordinated effort to secure election infrastructure and to …

Merkel and Macron Call for Joint Cybersecurity Effort

AICGS signs multi-stakeholder accord The American Institute for Contemporary German Studies joined dozens of other civil society organizations and leading U.S. tech companies Monday as an early supporter of the …

Women of Mass Destruction

AICGS Senior Fellow Sarah Lohmann moderated a discussion on next generation thinking on deterrence policy on October 23. Meeting four days after President Trump had announced the United States would pull out …

Confidence Building in an Era of Distrust: Baby Steps Toward a Stronger Cyber Defense

In the era of distrust that has followed the Snowden revelations, changing administrations, and a transatlantic relationship that is publicly unraveling, “confidence building measures” (CBMs) is a loaded term. In …

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