Employment, Education, and Training: Integrating Young Minorities into the Workforce

March 6, 2017

The Southeast region of the United States has a strong manufacturing industry and a growing immigrant population. The region is also home to about 300 German companies that have brought their traditions of apprenticeship and training programs with them. Charlotte, North Carolina’s largest city, has become an emerging immigrant gateway, with its foreign-born population having almost doubled between 2000 and 2010. In 2013, Charlotte became a “welcoming city” and it now has an Immigrant Integration Task Force. The city and region are at the forefront of education, training, and integrating its immigrant population.

These site visits will bring together officials and practitioners from the United States and Germany to examine the challenges and opportunities of integrating migrants into the workforce and how these challenges and opportunities are handled in the public and private sectors. The site visits will emphasize the work of local and regional actors in areas of major economic migration and industry. This project builds on the first year of AGI’s program on workforce education and an October conference in Washington, DC, “Integrating Migrants into the Workforce.”

Read about our participants’ experiences:

Dr. Ryan Monroe, Chief Academic Officer, Carlos Rosario School in Washington, DC.

Rainer Aliochin, Chief Operating Officer, AAU e.V.

Victoria Rietig,a Senior Migration Fellow, AGI

Angela Hanks, Associate Director for Workforce Development Policy at the Center for American Progress