The U.S.-EU Summit Resets the Narrative on Trade

Yesterday’s U.S.-EU Summit in Brussels was remarkable simply for taking place, as it was the first since 2014. But even more striking was the way U.S. President Joe Biden characterized …

From IT Security Law 2.0 to Open RAN: Germany’s 5G Strategy Evolves beyond the Huawei Debate

On January 27, the German federal government presented the draft IT Security Act 2.0 (IT-Sicherheitsgesezt 2.0) to the German Bundestag, pushing ahead a reform that is seen by some as …

The Rising Acceptance of Robots in Germany and Workers’ Automation Angst

A 2017 report conducted by the Nomura Research Institute indicates that Germans tend to be conservative about new technologies and see robots as emotionless mechanic helpers, mainly for industrial purposes. …

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