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Fifty Years since Ostpolitik. How Willy Brandt’s Diplomacy Transformed Europe

It is fifty years since the start of Willy Brandt’s Ostpolitik. Brandt was a peculiar figure in contemporary history. Brandt’s dropping to his knees in front of the Warsaw Ghetto …

Episode 14: Adapting to a New Foreign Policy Approach

Following the Bonn International Security Forum, AICGS President Jeff Rathke sat down with the hosts of the popular German-language podcast Sicherheitshalber to discuss the evolving dynamics of foreign and security …

Jack Janes on C-Span’s Washington Today

On September 23, Dr. Jackson Janes spoke with C-Span’s Steve Scully on the Washington Today program. He discussed Germany, the UN, and the global perspective (23:40). Listen to interview

Germany: Hegemon or Free Rider?

Germany has been the most pro-European of all the big players within the EU.  Europe’s largest country in terms of population and economic weight, Germany has always been reluctant to …

Russia and Germany in Crimea: The Irony of History

History sometimes likes to play games of irony, counting on our short memory. One such irony is revealed in the context of Russia’s annexation of Crimea. In March 2014 Russian …

Merkel and Hollande Address European Parliament

In recent years, as Europe has confronted crisis after crisis, we have seen the importance of German leadership, and of integrating that leadership into a community of nations working toward …

Germany’s Foreign Policy of Reconciliation

Now available in paperback, AICGS Society, Culture & Politics Director Dr. Lily Gardner Feldman’s book, “Germany’s Foreign Policy of Reconciliation: From Enmity to Amity,” highlights Germany as a model for …

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