European Union


Heroine or Villain?

Following this week’s summit in Washington between U.S. and EU officials, it has become increasingly clear that only one actor truly has the ability to lead any solution to the debt crisis: Germany’s Angela Merkel. In his essay Heroine or Villain?, Alexander Privitera, Washington-based Special Correspondent for the German news channel N24 and frequent AICGS contributor, examines Chancellor Merkel’s actions in dealing with the crisis and lays out her available options.

Of Cakes and Their Consumption – Reflections on the UK’s Position within the EU

UK Prime Minister David Cameron may be in for a not so warm welcome in his visit to Berlin this week. According to his essay “Of Cakes and their Consumption – Reflections on the UK’s Position within the EU,” Dr. Simon Green, Professor of Politics at Aston University, UK, and a frequent contributor to the AICGS Advisor, argues that EU member states are becoming increasingly frustrated with the UK’s approach toward the Union. What is said this weekend between Prime Minister Cameron and Chancellor Merkel could signal whether the UK is already being pushed to the periphery of the EU.

Time for Economic Offense

With high unemployment and low growth in both the U.S. and the EU, the current euro zone crisis has made it abundantly clear that both economies truly depend on one another. According to his essay Time for Economic Offense, originally published by the German Marshall Fund of the United States, Bruce Stokes, Senior Transatlantic Fellow at the GMF and regular AICGS program participant and contributor, argues that now is the time for leaders from both sides to take the necessary steps towards collective increases in trade and growth.

Germany: Inactive but Indispensable?

In this week’s At Issue, Executive Director Jack Janes examines the challenges Chancellor Merkel faces at home and in Europe with her style of leadership, while Germany is increasingly becoming the focus of Europe’s euro crisis.

Deutschlands Außenpolitik aus europäischer Perspektive

Could Germany be holding Europe back from presenting a clear-cut foreign policy? In a commentary originally published with the Körber Stiftung entitled Deutschlands Außenpolitik aus europäischer Perspektive, Dr. Ulrich Speck, …

Is Europe’s Troubled Marriage Doomed?

In his essay Is Europe’s Troubled Marriage Doomed?, Stefan Theil, Newsweek’s Berlin Bureau Chief and AICGS contributor, analyzes the effects of the divide between Europe’s states to the north and those to south on the ongoing debt crisis. By also explaining the euro zone crisis in an American context, he looks to build an understanding of how the crisis started, as well as what it could mean for the feeble U.S. economic recovery.

Nightmare in Rome

Will Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi resign as promised, and if so, what will become of Italy in his wake? Born and raised in Rome, Alexander Privitera, Washington based Special Correspondent for the German news channel N24 and frequent AICGS contributor, attempts to explain what the likely scenario could be if, and when, Berlusconi steps down in his essay Nightmare in Rome. Having witnessed his rise to power in the 90s, Mr. Privitera argues that Prime Minster Berlusconi’s fall from power will lead Italy down a tough and uncertain road.

The EU Emissions Trading System and the Upcoming Inclusion of the Aviation Sector

While the aviation sector had been exempt from the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), in January 2012 the EU ETS will be expanded to fully include international flights arriving at or departing from an EU airport. This AICGS Spotlight provides background information on the issue, implications for Germany, the United States, and transatlantic relations as well as potential future development.

Merkel’s Momentum

In this week’s At Issue, Executive Director Jack Janes reviews the CDU party convention in Leipzig and Angela Merkel’s political leverage as she looks forward to the second half of her second term as Chancellor.

Polish Perspectives

Following a visit to Warsaw, Executive Director Jack Janes discusses relations between Poland and both Germany and the U.S., as well as the changes in Europe which have placed Poland into an increasingly important role.

The Right Thing

In this week’s At Issue, Dr. Jackson Janes discusses the agenda around the G-20 meeting in Cannes, the role of the U.S., and the struggle to find the “right” responses to challenges on both sides of the Atlantic.

Euro in Limbo

Germany is (one) key to the future of the Euro. Germany is a country endowed with a Chancellor who is capable and willing to lead. It is, however, also a …