European Union


Constitutional Review and the German Bailout Controversy

The United States Supreme Court and Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court have recently become the focal point over a series of hotly debated political issues in their respective countries. As they decide on issues that could have far reaching political consequences, Donald Kommers examines the frameworks under which both courts operate.

“Who’s Picking Up This Bill?”

The struggle over sharing the burden of a weak economy in Europe has generated tension not only between countries, but also within them. Germany is no exception – the national debate about subsidies for the Länder is reflective of the larger European debate about fiscal reform.

Supervising Sovereignty: Germany’s Constitutional Court at Work

However long it takes for the Federal Constitutional Court to rule on the legality of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), the end result will be another chapter in the interpretation …

Historical Dimensions of the Euro Crisis

Jonathan Zatlin, winner of last year’s DAAD Prize for Distinguished Scholarship in German Studies in the field of Economics at AICGS’ annual Global Leadership Award Dinner, recently co-wrote an article …

Spain, Italy, Germany Come to Deal after Euro Summit

Signaling a new direction in Europe’s efforts to stem the sovereign debt crisis, Germany, Spain, Italy, and other euro zone member states reached a deal to recapitalize Spanish banks with …

At a Snail’s Pace

AICGS Trustee John Kornblum recently published a piece in the Handelsblatt examining Europe’s response to the ongoing crisis surrounding the monetary union. According the Mr. Kornblum, while European leaders like …

What Does She Want?

I was speaking with a German friend at a European think tank a few days ago. He was swamped with press inquiries. “Journalists only want to know one thing,” he …

Europe’s Tightening Window of Opportunity

Joining the growing number of high profile warnings on the future of the European and world economies, World Bank researchers gravely take note of the euro zone’s eroding gross domestic …

A New Narrative about Stability and Growth in the European Union

Executive Director Jack Janes discusses the challenge of securing stability and growth in the European Union amid tough economic challenges, and the need for a new narrative about the meaning of both for the future of Europe.

Redemption Fund or Eurobonds?

Judging from what the media have made of the latest gathering of European leaders in Brussels, it came close to a disaster. No decision about Eurobonds or growth was taken. …

European Hegemon or Transatlantic Free Rider? Contending Perceptions of German Foreign Policy

AICGS Non-Resident Fellow Christian Tuschhoff examines the opposing viewpoints toward Germany in the context of its role in the European Union and NATO. Many partner nations are criticizing Germany for putting its national interests above common goals. According to Dr. Tuschhoff, Germany must do more to assuage these partner nations’ concerns.

A Discussion with Lothar Binding, Member of the SPD

AICGS Senior Fellow Alexander Privitera sits down with Lothar Binding, member of the Bundestag’s Finance Committee for the SPD, to discuss the current state of the euro zone crisis and …