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Changing Resource Needs for a Clean Energy Future: Transatlantic Implications – Part II

Transatlantic Opportunities for a Clean Energy Future As Part I of this blogpost highlights, the transatlantic partners face some risks and uncertainties when it comes to the resources necessary for …

Changing Resource Needs for a Clean Energy Future: Transatlantic Implications – Part I

Critical Materials for a Clean Energy Transition: Rare Earths and Strategic Resources The transformation toward cleaner energy sources entails a demand for resources that are required in clean energy technologies. …

Judy Asks: Can Europe Defend Multilateralism?

Featuring Stephen Szabo via Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe on May 17, 2018.

Germany and the United States: The Strategic Triangle in the Transatlantic Relationship

On May 4, 2018, a group of high-profile American and German government officials, think tank experts, and industry leaders came together at AICGS to discuss transatlantic interests and strategies toward …

The Future of Transatlantic Relations: Necessary and Possible Cooperation at Two Levels

The traditional transatlantic alliance, based on common values and strategic cooperation, is seriously questioned. The U.S. has been turning away from its role as a strong leader and reliable partner …

Germany 2030: Scenarios for Germany’s Leadership Role

Key Certainties and Uncertainties Shaping Germany’s Future Role  Both teams identified certainties: Germany will remain Europe’s largest economy and an open democratic polity. Germany will have an aging population. Germany …

Trump: No Iran Nukes Even if Agreement Folds

Standing alongside Germany’s chancellor, U.S. President Donald Trump emphasized on Friday that Iran would not be permitted to build a nuclear arsenal, even if a deal intended to prevent that …

“Trump hat Merkel von Anfang an als Rivalin wahrgenommen”

Featuring Jackson Janes via t-online on April 25, 2018.

Merkel’s Return Engagement: An Ambitious Agenda, Too Little Time

When Angela Merkel visits Donald Trump on April 27, the meeting of two vastly different personalities may again be awkward, but it may also yield some reminders of just how …

Macron Addressing China’s Sharp Power Efforts in Europe

A flurry of concern has grown over what is being referred to as China’s sharp power efforts in Europe—that is, influencing efforts disguised as soft power that hinge on manipulation …

Discussing Transatlantic Partnership at the American-German Situation Room

As a fellow in the American-German Situation Room, I sought to learn as much as possible about the approach and direction of the Trump administration. In discussions with various experts, …

The 2003 Iraq War as a Turning Point in German–American Relations: Political Leadership and Alliance Cohesion

The article explores and explains Germany’s pre-emptive ‘No’ to the war in Iraq and argues that the ‘No’ was not a structural break in the relationship with the US, although …

Judy Asks: Does Europe Have a Russia Policy?

Featuring Stephen Szabo via Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe on March 28, 2018.

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