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Financial Regulations in the U.S. and Germany-From National Autarky to International Cooperation?

Policy Report 19 Financial services play a vital role in the transatlantic economy, serving as a major employer, factor of production, and a provider of services. Changes in financial services …

Changing Parameters in U.S.-German-Turkish Relations

Policy Report 18 The debate over the long-standing Turkish bid for membership in the EU was settled with the December 2004 decision of the European Council to begin accession negotiations …

Networks, Knowledge, and Exchange: Building a New Generation of Transatlantic Leaders

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Reconciling Realities: Reshaping the German-American Relationship for the Twenty-First Century

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Breaking Down Barriers to Trade and Investment: The U.S.-Germany Income Tax Treaty Revisited

Policy Report 15 Download Publication

Corporate Governance in Germany and the United States: Key Challenges for the Transatlantic Business Community

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Product Standards in Transatlantic Trade and Investment: Domestic and International Practices and Institutions

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Reviving the German Economy: A Domestic Imperative and a Windfall Gain for the Transatlantic Partnership

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Reinventing the German Military

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The Promise of Partnership: U.S.-EU Coordination in the Middle East

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The United States, Russia, and Germany: New Alignment in a Post-Iraq World?

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Reinventing the German Economy

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