Sarah Jennings

Research Intern

Sarah Jennings is a research intern at AICGS for the fall of 2019. She writes for the AICGS website, conducts research for current projects and resident fellows, manages the database, operates the front desk, and helps organize and document events.

Ms. Jennings recently completed a double-degree program through the TransAtlantic Master’s Program (TAM) at the University of North Carolina and Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. She holds master’s degrees in European Governance (UNC) and Research in Political Science (UPF). With TAM, Ms. Jennings pursued studies in transatlantic policy, European migration, and multi-level governance. Her thesis utilized qualitative methods to explore policy motivations in local-level tourism regulation in Catalonia.

Ms. Jennings is also an alumnus of the University of Virginia, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in American Government and Spanish. Fond of languages, she speaks Spanish and Portuguese fluently, is learning Standard Arabic, and will travel to Brazil in 2020 on a Fulbright ETA grant.

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