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Das Progressive Zentrum

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Maria Skora is a fellow in the American-German Situation Room in February 2019. She studied sociology in Poland and Denmark and received a doctorate in economics in 2015. Before arriving in Germany, she divided her professional career between academia as a lecturer and the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. Since 2012, she also served as an expert for the All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions and facilitated the activities of the United Nations Development Program in Warsaw. In Germany, Maria first worked as a program director at the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform. Today, she is Senior Project Manager at Das Progressive Zentrum, an independent think tank based in Berlin. She is responsible for developing the expertise in topics related to Central and Eastern Europe, transatlantic relations, and structural change.

While a fellow at the American-German Situation Room, Maria will pursue a comparative, policy-oriented analysis focused on the models of inclusive growth in the context of technological advancement.

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