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The Sad Truth Highlighted by Germany Assaults

AICGS Non-Resident Fellow Joyce Marie Mushaben weighs in on the Cologne assaults in this blog post from CNN.

Redefining What It Means To Be German

The fall of the Iron Curtain and the onset of German unification in 1990 brought hopes that Europe would quickly come to enjoy an unprecedented “peace dividend,” coupled with unparalleled …

Gender Paradoxes: Shifting Ethnic Identities and Opportunity Structures in Germany

There are three types of migration. The first type is difficult migration. The second type is very difficult migration. The third type consists of extremely difficult migration ….I can only …

Women’s Long March Through the Institutions in Germany

…The guarantee that all persons shall be equal before the law, and that men and women shall have equal rights was incorporated into the Basic Law in May 1949, despite vehement debates within the Parliamentary Council, and against the organized opposition of Christian parties and the Catholic Church. As the next sixty years would prove, however, the fact that the sexes are “created equal” in no way ensures that they have been “endowed” by state or society with the same inalienable rights…

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