Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart

Communications Officer

Jessica Hart is the Communications Officer at AICGS, managing the Institute’s publications, social media, outreach, media relations, and website. She also produces AICGS’ podcast, The Zeitgeist.She has held a number of roles at AICGS, including Research Program Coordinator, Managing Editor, and Financial Officer. Before joining AICGS, Ms. Hart worked at the OSU Foreign Language Center, for an Ohio senatorial campaign, and at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin.

Ms. Hart holds an MA in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a BA in Political Science and International Studies from The Ohio State University, and a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management from Johns Hopkins University.

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Recent Content


The Next Generation: Remapping the German-American Relationship

This year’s Symposium is framed around the idea of “A New Transatlantic Generation.” We know that German-American relations have long been shaped by the personal connections that were established after …

Germans Continue to Lead in the Response to the Migration Crisis

As reported by The Washington Post, Germans, “to a far greater extent than the British, the French or others, have opened their hearts — and wallets. According to a poll commissioned …

EU Calls on Member States to Accept Refugees

In today’s State of the European Union speech, European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker called on the EU’s member states to accept the migrants crossing into Europe and detailing a plan …

Shadows of History in Europe’s Refugee Crisis

As the refugee crisis continues, mixed reactions are cause for concern in Germany.  Given the country’s troubled past, anti-Islam and anti-migrant sentiment in the country is particularly troubling.  Daniela Blei …

Immigration in Crisis, On Both Sides of the Atlantic

As waves of refugees continue to enter Europe, they are being greeted with various reactions by EU member states.  Many migrants are headed for Germany, perceived by many as the …

Nuclear Energy in the U.S. and Germany: Weighing the Risks

Energy and climate policy in the U.S. and in Germany seem to be miles apart. In 2011, Germany decided to phase-out nuclear, whereas in early 2012 the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory …

Primaries and Caucuses in the U.S. Presidential Election

Before American voters take to the polls on November 6, they will first narrow the field of candidates in a series of primaries, caucuses, and elections held in each of …

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