Constanze Jeitler

University of Tübingen

Programs: Society, Culture & PoliticsCategory: Analysis

Constanze Jeitler is a historian and a PhD researcher with the ERC-funded project “PACT: Populism and Conspiracy Theory” at the University of Tübingen (Germany). Before joining the PACT project, she was a parliamentary assistant and advisor in the Austrian parliament and worked for the OSCE election assessment mission to Austria in 2017. Ms. Jeitler hold a Master’s degree in Comparative History from Central European University and in Film and Media Studies from the University of Vienna.

In her PhD dissertation, Ms. Jeitler focuses on the historical significance of conspiracy theories for populist parties and right-wing movements in Austria as well as their networks in the German-speaking world and beyond. Her other research interests include the history of National Socialism, memory studies and memory politics, transnational history, oral history, and ethnographic methods in history.

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