Andrei Markovits

University of Michigan

Andrei S. Markovits is an Arthur F. Thurnau and the Karl W. Deutsch Collegiate Professor of Comparative Politics and German Studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

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American Soccer’s Steady Journey from Periphery to Core Where Germany Has Comfortably Resided for Decades

Even though Germany and the United States will share their presence—with Ghana and Portugal—in Group G (aka the Group of Death) at the forthcoming World Cup in Brazil, and even …

The Virtual Absence of Germany’s Concrete Effects on Europe in the Current Campaign for the Bundestag

In the final lead-up to the German elections on September 22, Andrei Markovits and Joesph Klaver look at how Europe features in the campaign.  Although Germany wields immense economic power …

A Paean to Boredom: Speculations on the Outcome of the Bundestag Election

Writing on the post-electoral scramble to form a governing coalition in the Huffington Post on September 9, Dr. Andrei Markovits and Joseph Klaver find this year’s election process “another boring ingredient …

Thirty Years of Bundestag Presence: A Tally of the Greens’ Impact on the Federal Republic of Germany’s Political Life and Public Culture

German-American Issues 14 As we look to the German federal elections in 2013, AICGS’ newest publication considers three decades of a changing political landscape with the emergence of the Green …