December, 2015


A New Assertiveness? Germany wades into the Syrian conflict with vote for anti-ISIS military mission

Introduction Three weeks after the terrorist attacks in Paris, the German Bundestag approved a military deployment to provide protection, reconnaissance, and logistics to the military campaign against the Islamic State, …

Germany ‘s Continuing Strategic Struggle

Germany is a Rechtsstaat—a country anchored in law. The German constitution, or Basic Law, is a mirror of German thinking about its democracy, just as the U.S. constitution reflects American …

Eine deutsche Metamorphose: Vom unsicheren Kantonisten zur europäischen Führungsmacht

Deutschland ist zum Vorreiter in Europa geworden: zu einer Führungsmacht, die ihre Legitimität aus dem Engagement für ein zivilisiertes Miteinander zieht. Daraus erklärt sich auch die bisherige Gefolgschaft anderer europäischer …

Elements of Style

Winston Churchill reminded us that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried. Even within democracy, the many variations that have been attempted …

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