May, 2012


Climate 2.0-Can Geoengineering Make the World a Safer Place?

With climate change at the forefront of many political discussions, many view geoengineering as a necessary complement to emissions reductions initiatives to combat this issue.  Geoengineering, refers to a large-scale …

Redemption Fund or Eurobonds?

Judging from what the media have made of the latest gathering of European leaders in Brussels, it came close to a disaster. No decision about Eurobonds or growth was taken. …

Romney’s Foreign Policy – A Cause for Concern?

With topics of debate in this year’s U.S. presidential race shifting away from a predominantly economic focus, AICGS Non-Resident Fellow Dr. Klaus Larres examines the foreign policy approach of presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Assessing Transatlantic Risks: The Erosion of Allied Solidarity

Despite NATO’s reaffirmed commitment to promote peace and security, Ms. Ann-Kristin Otto argues that member states’ divergent opinions on how to address threats, the specter of unrewarding military engagements, and …

European Hegemon or Transatlantic Free Rider? Contending Perceptions of German Foreign Policy

AICGS Non-Resident Fellow Christian Tuschhoff examines the opposing viewpoints toward Germany in the context of its role in the European Union and NATO. Many partner nations are criticizing Germany for putting its national interests above common goals. According to Dr. Tuschhoff, Germany must do more to assuage these partner nations’ concerns.

Nach den Landtagswahlen in Schleswig-Holstein und Nordrhein-Westfalen: Was bedeuten die Ergebnisse für die Bundespolitik?

Im Kanzleramt in Berlin ist man bemüht, die Bedeutung der beiden Landtagswahlen am letzten und vorletzten Sonntag herunterzuspielen. Die Ergebnisse gefallen der Union nicht, verständlicherweise. Aber natürlich haben die Resultate …

NATO Chicago Summit

Heads of State and Government will be gathering in Chicago this weekend for the 2012 NATO Summit, which will be the first to take place on U.S. soil in 13 …

Cameron Phones the Mainland

He has done it again. British Prime Minister David Cameron has publicly voiced his deep concerns about the euro zone. London now openly fears a breakup of the common currency …

A Discussion with Lothar Binding, Member of the SPD

AICGS Senior Fellow Alexander Privitera sits down with Lothar Binding, member of the Bundestag’s Finance Committee for the SPD, to discuss the current state of the euro zone crisis and …

The Need to Think Bigger

Recent events in Europe, especially Spain, have once again ignited numerous debates about the potential breakup of the euro zone. In a recent op-ed in the Washington Post, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle laid out and defended what he felt was needed to fix Europe. However, according to Executive Director Jack Janes and Senior Fellow Alexander Privitera, Mr. Westerwelle’s plan does not go far enough.

Implications of the 2012 Election Results in North Rhine-Westphalia for the German Party System and the 2013 National Elections

North Rhine-Westphalia is a bellwether state for the Federal Republic of Germany and once again electoral results here seem to represent a new national trend. After less than two years …

From Paris to Athens and Back to Madrid: The Return of Crisis Management

Once again the uncertainty surrounding Greece has plunged Europe into crisis mode. The euro zone is fighting on three fronts: it is trying to keep Greece on course, save Spain from its banks, and define a middle-term strategy for growth. The crisis really is back with a vengeance.

NATO’s Future: Reconnecting Means with Ends

In this week’s At Issue, Executive Director Jack Janes examines the windy atmosphere of debates surrounding the recent NATO summit in Chicago. As the 28 member states look to find common answers to a long list of security issues, they must also reassess and redefine the ends of means that NATO stands for.

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

The initial German media reaction to Francois Hollande’s election in France has been a mixture of caution, concern and criticism. Hollande’s first trip as President to Berlin next week is …

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