Amid still sluggish economic growth in Europe, AICGS President Dr. Jackson Janes sits down with Dr. Stormy-Annika Mildner, Head of the International Economic Policy Division at the German Federal Association of Industries and a Non-Resident Fellow at AICGS, to discuss the negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in Europe, particularly in Germany. …Read More

In this AICGS interview, journalist and writer Peter Ross Range sits down with AICGS President Dr. Jackson Janes to discuss his new book 1924: The Year That Made Hitler. Diving into his pursuit to fill a literary gap in the year that witnessed Adolf Hitler’s final transformation into the self-proclaimed savior and infallible leader, Mr. Range shares …Read More

Against the backdrop of the continuing refugee crisis in Europe, Josef Janning, Head of Berlin Office and Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, sits down with AICGS President Dr. Jackson Janes to discuss how Germany can manage the crisis with its European partners. Mr. Janning suggests that, lacking a broad consensus within the …Read More

In this At Issue interview, Matthias Matthijs, Assistant Professor of International Political Economy at SAIS in Washington, D.C., sits down with AICGS President Dr. Jackson Janes to discuss the leadership Germany has assumed in response to the euro crisis, security challenges on its eastern border, and the massive influx of refugees. Professot Matthijs suggests that …Read More

In this At Issue Interview, Klaus Scharioth, former Ambassador of Germany to the United States, summarizes the lessons learned for Germany during its decade-long mission in Afghanistan, which offers a blueprint for the country’s future engagement in crisis management and peace-keeping. Ambassador Scharioth also discusses the on-going refugee crisis in Germany and suggests that good …Read More

In this At Issue Interview, Alexander Radwan, a CSU politician and member of the German Bundestag, discusses the current crises and challenges facing Germany and Europe, including the Greek crisis and unprecedented influx of refugees. Mr. Radwan suggests that a stronger and more powerful EU is needed to address these challenges effectively and politicians around …Read More

Reflecting on recent crisis in Europe as well as around the world, Dr. Felix Berenskoetter recalls the evolution of German power and influence since WWII and suggests that Germany is continuing to adapt to its new leadership position to satisfy its responsibilities and meet new challenges.

Former German ambassador to the United States and Head of Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger sums up the legacy of the German unification which brought peace and security to the European neighbourhood and urges that Germany needs to work towards strengthening the European Union in the future.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of German unification, author Rita Kuczynski, who experienced life in both East and West Germany before the reunification, sits down with AICGS President Dr. Jackson Janes to share her experience of the changes and transitions that unification brought from the perspective of an ordinary citizen, an intellectual, and …Read More

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of German unification, Richard Fisher, former President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and an AICGS Trustee, sits down with AICGS President Dr. Jackson Janes to share his views of Germany’s evolved leadership role in Europe and the importance of maintaining a strong German-American relationship to navigate challenges …Read More

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