Focuses on how cultural beliefs and values, evolving interpretations of historical experiences, and shifting conceptions of national identity all shape perspectives and policy responses in the German-American dialogue. The Society, Culture & Politics Program is currently examining the topic of Reconciliation in Europe and Asia. AICGS looks to Germany for lessons for Japan’s international reconciliation in Northeast Asia. The Program also addresses issues of Immigration and Integration, particularly with reference to minority groups in Germany and the U.S. and their political and societal opportunities and challenges. In its New Political Generations emphasis, the Program centers on the values, identities, priorities, and new technological means that activate the political involvement of young Germans and Americans, and the consequences of their engagement for the future of German-American relations.

Upon opening the high-level Geneva conference at the end of March, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stated that the world must “address the biggest refugee crisis of our time.”  The conference focused on strategies regarding Syrian refugees, including resettlement.  According to the UN refugee agency, up to 10 percent of Syria’s 4.8 million refugees …Read More

Within the area of foreign cultural policy, the youth exchange programs between Germany and Israel have been a vital element of ties between the two countries since the 1960s. The objective of the research project which will be presented in this seminar is to enhance knowledge about the interdependence of the ‘special relationship’ between Germany …Read More

The massive influx of refugees to Europe during the past year has prioritized issues of integration and immigration on the German political agenda and has resulted in a heated public debate. This refugee debate is deeply shaped by economic, security, and cultural issues. This includes concerns about the costs of immigration and by the question …Read More

AICGS will hold its third annual Transatlantic Dialogue of the States, Cities, and Communities on May 20, 2016 in cooperation with the Urban Institute in Washington, DC. While German-American relations focus mainly on the connections between Berlin and Washington, this dialogue will bring together civic leaders from throughout Germany and the United States to discuss …Read More

A simple question runs through this book—why is Germany different? The authors are deciphering the secrets to answer that question and, in their analysis, offer explanations for Germany’s ability to steer through challenges. The authors are essentially looking at how Germany has managed to arrive as an economic success story against so many odds and …Read More

AICGS was honored to have Lothar Späth as a member of its Board of Trustees from 1997 until 2009. Dr. Späth died on March 18, 2016. I had the honor of knowing Lothar Späth since early 1982 when I was working in Bonn for the German Marshall Fund. After living in Tübingen for three years …Read More

Life as an asylum seeker is not an easy one.  Having faced persecution and violence in their home countries and uprooted their entire lives, these migrants face political, socioeconomic, and psycho-emotional stresses.  To be granted asylum in the West is a chance to start a new life, safe from persecution—or at least it should be. …Read More

AICGS is pleased to present four essays that were inspired by an international conference held in Berlin in October 2015: “Dealing with the Past in Spaces, Places, Actions, and Institutions of Memory: A Comparative Reflection on European Experiences.”  The ideas elaborated in the essays are the authors’ own and are not a representation of the …Read More

The dominant theme of this year’s discussions is that of refugees. Factual debates have turned into power issues now. Who will win the fight about the implementation of “ceilings” for the influx of refugees? Who will be the winner of the power struggle between Merkel and Seehofer? Will Gabriel be backed up by his party? …Read More

As part of AICGS’ New Transatlantic Exchange Program, twenty young leaders from across disciplines will meet in Berlin for seminars and site visits to interact with leading experts from umbrella organizations dealing with immigration and integration, government, research institutions, and political foundations. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit other institutions, including cultural/historical sites, …Read More

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