On July 2, oil companies claimed a victory in the court case against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Act. The rule that was finalized in 2010 would have required American companies in the extractive industries to disclose their payments to foreign countries. With this rule, the SEC followed …Read More

In light of the upcoming federal elections, recent articles have characterized German chancellor Angela Merkel’s leadership as paralyzing to German politics. Discussions on her strategy of “asymmetric demobilization” have resurfaced during this election campaign. How Merkel has dealt with present issues affecting Germany and the European Union met with quite a lot of criticism from …Read More

The ongoing debate about cyber security and its implications for privacy has once again exposed major cultural and legal differences between the United States and Germany. The interplay between German society’s demand for privacy and the state’s implementation of legal structures ensuring its protection has developed throughout a long period of challenges and adjustments marked …Read More

Fifty years after President John F. Kennedy’s historic visit to Berlin that symbolized a united German-American pursuit of freedom, President Barack Obama will deliver a keynote speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate this week. Upon his visit, he will sit down with Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the present state and the future of …Read More