Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, is under fire. Hardly anyone likes the “German Way” of dealing with the euro crisis. But unless manna falls from heaven for Germans or we can truly believe that an aging and shrinking population will make us more productive, we should heed the calls of U.S. Nobel laureates in economics …Read More

Dr. Norbert Walter is the former Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank. Dr. Walter is currently head of Walter & Töchter Consult. In this essay, which originally appeared in the New York Times, Dr. Norbert Walter looks at the renewed calls for Germany to increase its assistance to the euro in the face of a possible …Read More

Dr. Norbert Walter offers an assessment of the global economy’s path in light of the eurozone crisis and upcoming election in the United States.

Germany is (one) key to the future of the Euro. Germany is a country endowed with a Chancellor who is capable and willing to lead. It is, however, also a country with its own mind – and a very peculiar one at that. The governing coalition consists of two parties in which bourgeois majorities have …Read More

Former AICGS Fellow and Chief Economist at Deutsche Bank Research Professor Dr. Norbert Walter looks at the role reunification played in the shaping of the Federal Republic’s role within the European community, from the initial fall of the Iron Curtain to the introduction of the Euro. This essay is part of an AICGS project on “60 Years Federal Republic of Germany: Rebuilt, Reunified, Revitalized?”

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