Donald Trump’s election as American president is the latest and most dramatic sign of a major political and social sea change, the effect of which we are just beginning to understand. The break with the past has been so dramatic that Europe too risks being engulfed in a wave of the sort of populism which …Read More

As I write in mid-July 2016, all the Transatlantic chatterati can seem to talk and write about—except when temporarily interrupted by terrorist outrages like the one at the Istanbul airport on June 28—is Brexit. It is as though, for some, everything was just fine in Europe before June 23. And it is all too typical …Read More

Jeder Vortrag, jeder Artikel fängt heutzutage mit demselben Satz an: Es geht der Wirtschaft eigentlich sehr gut. Von der Krise fast erholt. Handel und Technologie florieren. ABER   die Menschen sind unzufrieden und die Politiker sind Ratlos. Löhne stagnieren, Arbeitsplätze werden vernichtet, internationale Konkurrenz wird immer bedrohlicher. Man wird damit in den USA, in Deutschland und …Read More

The resounding response from the press to the death of Hans-Dietrich Genscher reminds us of how much German political equilibrium depends on the existence of central, idealized, larger-than-life figures.  Mr. Genscher’s career typifies German voters’ need for stability through long periods in office.  Germans also seem to have a great need to keep important political …Read More

In a recently published interview, John Kornblum, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany and an AICGS Trustee, shares his views on the challenges Europe faces in a complex and continuously changing world, from issues such as globalization and the role of the United States in international governance to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). To …Read More

Taken as a whole, the 25 years following the fall of the Berlin Wall have in the West been an unquestioned success. Two parts of Germany merged hostile systems without drama or dangerous economic strain. To ensure that nationalism will not be reborn, the former Western Europe of the European Communities has expanded into a continent-wide Union of 28 democratic nations, some of which had not known true freedom in their entire histories.

In this recent interview, former U.S. ambassador to Germany and AICGS Trustee John Kornblum suggests that the West needs to change its narrative on the crisis in Ukraine and the hostility from Russia. The democratic Western countries have to stand united and show their collective resolve and confidence through institutions such as NATO, the EU, …Read More

Senator Corker, Members of the Committee, I am honored to have been invited to join your hearing on the crisis in Ukraine. I was a frequent guest of this Committee and its members during the 1990s in my role as Assistant Secretary of State and Special Envoy to the Balkans. I look forward to our …Read More

Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany and AICGS Trustee John Kornblum argues that German leadership in Europe is plagued by its impetus to react on the basis of past experiences. This behavior, “like a conquered nation,” must change for the transatlantic partnership to tackle diplomatic and security challenges and reap the reward of economic opportunities. This …Read More

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