In this AICGS Transatlantic Perspectives Essay, Dr. Christina Y. Lin, Visiting Fellow at AICGS and a Researcher for Jane’s Information Group, explores the role of Germany in engaging the Sino-Russian axis via positive economic statecraft in efforts to prevent Iranian nuclear capacity. Dr. Lin writes that Germany can wield its economic arsenals to hedge against the Sino-Russian strategy and perhaps pioneer new paths to resolve the current Iranian nuclear stalemate.

As NATO is increasingly engaged in Afghanistan, a new player has entered into the scene and carved out a slice of the Afghan security pie – the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, or SCO. In her essay “NATO and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: New Energy Geopolitics for the Transatlantic Alliance,” Dr. Christina Y. Lin, currently a Visiting Fellow at AICGS and Researcher for Jane’s Information Group, looks at the growing global role the SCO is aspiring toward and how its presence in the energy security debate as well as its potential as a military alliance will shape the future of NATO and transatlantic relations.