Axel Spies

German/U.S. Data Transfers: Crucial for Both Economies, Difficult to Regain Trust


There has been a heated transatlantic debate on cyber issues since Edward Snowden’s release of classified National Security Agency (NSA) documents last year that described various surveillance activities, including the collection of information from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone. These revelations have strained the relationship between the two countries and have sparked… Read more >

The NSA Spies on the German Chancellor’s Cell Phone. What Now?


The popular German legal Beck-Blog recently hosted a lively discussion on whether there are legal ways and means to challenge the alleged spying by the NSA on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The measures discussed are presented below and a short conclusion follows, as far as this is currently already possible. Translated from… Read more >

A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy? Data Protection in the United States and Germany


In the borderless world of the twenty-first century, global interconnectivity has never been greater. Through the use of millions of computers, billions of e-mails, and a level of personal and product mobility never known before, the amount of information racing around the globe is incalculable…