After the worst attacks on French soil since World War II, anxiety is growing across Europe—including in Germany—on the topic of immigration. The Paris attacks have raised fears that IS terrorists could be among the hundreds of thousands of refugees seeking entry to the EU—a fear already voiced by some even prior to the attacks. …Read More

Die Terroranschläge in Paris verändern nicht allein das Leben der Menschen an der Seine, sie verändern Europa, sie verändern Deutschland. Der Terror ist nun auch dort angekommen, wo man ihn lange nicht hat kommen sehen und nicht hat kommen sehen wollen. Als die USA von den Terroranschlägen des 11. September 2001 getroffen wurden, war die …Read More

At a moment in time when many are concerned about the rising wave of intolerance around the world, a conversation between Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz serves as a reminder that there is still a possibility to build bridges when it comes to religious conflicts. Their dialogue is primarily about Islam and its ability to …Read More

In 1969, when I was elected national chairman of the Young Socialists (Jungsozialisten – Jusos), the SPD youth organization, the future US ambassador to Germany John Kornblum was a young diplomat stationed in Bonn. Many years later, he told me that after this Young Socialist congress, American diplomats had been gripped by the fear of …Read More

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Congratulations to Dr. William G. Gray of Purdue University, the recipient of the 2015 DAAD Prize for Distinguished Scholarship in German and European Studies, for his outstanding academic work in the field of Politics and International Relations. Dr. Gray is one of the leading American Cold War historians, and profoundly knowledgeable on German politics and …Read More

It’s difficult to ascertain the best course of action in dealing with the Islamic State. The Middle East and the actors are convoluted, at best. One certainty is that the group, which is responsible for genocide, slavery, terrorism, and brutal means of enforcement, is deeply steeped in radical Islam. The Islamic State’s main objective is …Read More

On October 29, 2015, Dr. Andreas Dombret, Member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank and frequent participant and speaker in AICGS programs, delivered a speech on the banking sector seven years after the initial crisis. In the speech at the Financial Markets Group Research Centre of the London School of Economics and Political …Read More

From October 11-15, 2015, AICGS convened the inaugural group of young leaders in its new AICGS Transatlantic Exchange Program: Giving Voice to Future Leaders. The participants engaged in exchanges and discussions with a group of experts on a variety of issues related to the challenges of immigration and integration of minority populations in Germany and …Read More

In recent years, as Europe has confronted crisis after crisis, we have seen the importance of German leadership, and of integrating that leadership into a community of nations working toward common goals. The recent address to the European Parliament by German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Francois Hollande is indicative of this reality.  As …Read More

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