It’s been ten years since Joschka Fischer, together with Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, piloted Germany’s foreign policy in the first national Red-Green government. His seven-year tenure was marked by military deployments abroad—the first since 1945—in Kosovo and Afghanistan and by opposition to these missions by a good portion of his own political party. His term was …Read More

Speaking at today’s Langhammer Series event, member of the Executive Board of the Bundesbank Dr. Andreas Dombret summarized the state of the euro area and focused on the role of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM). Dr. Andreas Dombret has been at the center of global and transatlantic financial regulatory discussions, as well as the Bundesbank’s …Read More

U.S. civil-military relations have been troubled ever since the end of the Cold War. The nation’s highest-ranking military officers have regularly clashed with their political superiors in the national security decision-making process. Even a casual observer of U.S. defense issues may remember Bill Clinton’s notoriously strained relationship with the military in the 1990s. From 2001 …Read More