Writing a book about one’s own boss is a difficult task under any circumstance. The exercise is particularly tricky if the person in question is a highly controversial banker; if his name is Josef Ackermann, the former CEO of Deutsche Bank; and finally, if the author is trying to convince the skeptical German readership that …Read More

Since U.S. President Barack Obama’s decision to bomb Sunni extremists in Iraq, German public opinion has debated whether to get involved and if so, why. In its initial reaction to the crisis, the German government, sensing that its citizens would prefer to stay out of any new international entanglement, tried to suggest to its international …Read More

Background At the G-8 summit in June last year, the United States and European Union agreed to begin the negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). All parties involved were enthusiastic about the start of negotiations for a new trade treaty. Leaders publicly supported what could be the largest free trade zone in …Read More

Amid all the heated debates about the role of the United States in the current global morass of crises, the battle lines in America might fall between those who call for more limited engagement as the global sheriff versus those who advocate a more forceful presence on the world stage. The demonstration cases are multiple: …Read More

Events of the past few months have once again proven that, in today’s world, defining what a rules-based order is has become increasingly difficult. In fact, the world order increasingly looks more like world disorder, to echo a title of a forthcoming book by Henry Kissinger. Challenges to western democracies both from within the system …Read More