How did Germany do it? How did it steer through the economic storms of the last several years and come out stronger than before? What is the secret of a country with high labor and energy costs in maneuvering successfully in global competition? Jack Ewing takes a crack at answering those questions in his book …Read More

Amid the tensions between Germany and the United States over the NSA’s surveillance, worries arise about a growing wave of animosity among Germans toward America. The contrast with the early idolization of President Barack Obama and the current mood is evident in German public opinion polls. Yet, snapshots taken in polls do not necessarily explain …Read More

The rapid growth of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in Germany has certainly been a clear departure from the mood of German politics prior to the most recent Bundeswahl (Federal Election). Before this, it seemed as if Germany was the rock solid bastion of positivity towards the EU and particularly salient European Monetary Union-skeptic (EMU) …Read More