As it becomes clear that Russia is forging a new geopolitical landscape in Eastern Europe, Europe and the United States have grappled with the question of their response to this unexpected development. AICGS Non-Resident Fellow Ulrich Speck argues that the West must first accept that, despite two decades spent with open arms, Russia is not …Read More

Germany’s dual education and apprenticeship system has kept unemployment comparatively low through the financial crisis and helped businesses that invest in Germany to thrive. This can and should be adapted to fit other regions of the world with a consideration for the different education systems and industrial comparative advantages. But to do so, governments will …Read More

In response to the increase in car congestion and global warming, many countries have been trying to reduce car usage in various ways. In February 2003, London introduced a toll for motorists driving within central city limits between the hours of 7 am and 6 pm, with additional fines for motorists who neglect to pay …Read More

The next steps in dealing with the crisis in Ukraine will be as much of a challenge for Europe and the United States as they are for Russia and Ukraine. The stakes are high on both sides of this confrontation, which at the moment seems to offer few safe exits. In their analysis of the …Read More

When was the last time you had a bit more than a “muggeseggele Zeit” to think about what really makes up our everyday cultural lives? For those familiar with German dialects, you might have heard this very Swabian expression “muggesegelle” to define a very small measure of something. There are a lot of such local …Read More