In this recent interview with Deutsche Welle, AICGS President Jack Janes provides his insight into what can be expected from President Obama’s second term in office with regard to transatlantic relations. Specifically, as the dynamics between nations continue to shift the foreign policy decisions on both sides of the Atlantic, what German and the United …Read More

With elections in Lower Saxony approaching on January 20th, Germany’s political parties will be looking towards the results as a gauge for what could be expected when all Germans take to the polls in national elections later this year. One party that is going to keep a very close eye on the turnout will be …Read More

In this latest commentary originally published by the Peterson Institute for International Economics, PIIE Senior Fellow and frequent AICGS contributor Jacob Kirkegaard examines the role of brinksmanship among politicians in both Europe and the United States, including an analysis on the effects of the adoption of such a policy. “Why Europeans and Americans Are Addicted to …Read More

As Germany enters a national election year, the decisions made by voters when they reach the polls in November could have major effects not only for Germany, but for Europe as a whole. The difference between a Angela Merkel or Peer Steinbrück led Germany could very well later the course of decisions made with regard …Read More