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AGI offers businesses and individuals a variety of sponsorship opportunities. Browse options below and in our sponsorship brochure, or contact Ms. Jessica Hart at to learn how you can support and sustain up-to-date analysis of the most important issues in the German-American partnership.

Business leaders rely on the Institute’s objective and expert analysis as they adapt to an ever-changing world. AGI enjoys a reputation for high-quality, reliable information and valuable networking opportunities in the German-American corporate environment. The premier event attended by many of our corporate sponsors is the annual Global Leadership Award Dinner in New York City, and the Institute’s location in Washington, DC, offers supporters a connection to the heart of government and the U.S. policy community.

The generosity of individual donors is vital to the Institute’s success. Recent initiatives made possible by our donors include an exclusive event series featuring high-level policymakers, a diversity-focused young leaders exchange program and conference on migration, and a focus on new media.

Companies and individuals based in Germany can make a contribution to the Förderkreis des American Institute for Contemporary German Studies e.V. and support the work of AGI with a donation that may be tax-deductible in Germany.

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Each year AGI awards the Global Leadership Award to a prominent business person. The Award recognizes the achievements of business leaders who, through their personal and professional accomplishments, have helped strengthen the close partnership between Germany and the United States. All donors receive benefits of seating and advertisement at the dinner based on the donation level, in addition to other membership benefits.

  • Global Leadership Group ($50,000+)
  • Executive Leadership Group ($35,000)
  • Corporate Leadership Group ($25,000)
  • Senior Associates Group ($15,000)
  • Associates Group ($10,000)

Global Leadership Award Dinner 2024

AGI relaunched its membership program in 2022 to provide corporations with a stake in transatlantic affairs with unique advantages. Membership includes exclusive benefits, such as private events with senior German and U.S. figures and in-depth analysis by established policy experts. This is a truly transatlantic membership: the annual fee of $10,000 will extend these benefits to key associates at a company’s American and German offices. A corporate membership with AGI is an investment in your organization’s success and in a strong, productive transatlantic partnership.

A membership includes:
  • Four exclusive events a year that will feature a mixture of senior officials, experienced policymakers, and business experts;
  • Exclusive written content from thought leaders;
  • Access to VIP speakers before events, and
  • One seat at AGI’s signature gala, the Global Leadership Award Dinner in New York City.

Investing in the Institute’s programs magnifies our impact: fostering the next generation of transatlantic leaders, giving a platform to prominent and emerging scholars, and connecting leaders in government, business, and academia to set the transatlantic course. You or your organization will make crucial dialogues in the transatlantic space possible. We welcome your support at all levels.

Benefits include:
  • Logos on the program page, on the program’s posts on the AGI website, on event invitations, and on printed materials for in-person events.
  • Listed as an AGI sponsor online and at the Global Leadership Award Dinner.
  • Mention of individual/organization and their support in related publications.

One effective way to bring thought leadership to your company and raise its profile in the Washington policy community is to elevate and highlight policy issues through public or private events with experts and stakeholders around a defined theme. Event sponsorship at AGI encompasses everything from our bi-annual conferences to our series of public events. AGI also hosts workshops and seminars to allow executives, government leaders, and other policymakers to discuss important policy issues. Partners interested in these opportunities may work closely with AGI scholars and staff to create a platform that addresses a policy challenge or a current, pertinent issue.

AGI is a trusted source of expert analysis on German-American relations, geopolitics, economics, and society, and this weekly newsletter reaches a broad audience across the globe.

Benefits include:
  • Reaching important stakeholders in the extensive AGI network, particularly those in Washington, DC, New York, Brussels, Berlin, and across Germany.
  • Brand visibility to thousands every week.

Launched in 2018, The Zeitgeist is hosted by AGI President Jeff Rathke. The wide-ranging conversations cover topics including the response to the COVID-19 pandemic with health minister Jens Spahn and deputy finance minister Jörg Kukies, defense cooperation with U.S. Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith, German politics with members of the Bundestag, the impact of American presidents with Susan Eisenhower, and the legacy of divided Europe with scholars such as Dr. Kristina Spohr.

Benefits include:
  • Tailored shoutout at the beginning of the podcast episode.
  • Brand visibility on each episode’s online post and social media promotion.

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