Your support can enhance the German-American dialogue.

Individual Sponsorship

AICGS invites individuals to engage in the Institute’s work and provide invaluable support to our mission.

Your annual support provides AICGS with funds that can be used toward timely initiatives or areas of pressing need and are vital to the Institute’s success. There are many options for involvement at AICGS for individual supporters interested in a specific region or issue. While engagement opportunities vary from program to program, individual program supporters are regularly invited to briefings and events. Funds donated to programs are used to support research costs, program operations, workshops, or reports.

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AICGS offers unique opportunities for individuals to participate in the work of the Institute and maintain a direct connection to the Washington policy community through its membership groups.

The Institute has four annual levels of membership.

  • Global Leader – $50,000+
  • Global Individuals – $10,000+
  • Individual – $100+
  • Student – $25+

Each level offers an opportunity for individuals to engage with the Institute’s scholars and contribute to AICGS’ mission to better understand the challenges and choices facing Germany and the United States in the broader global arena.

Members may join AICGS events regularly to discuss and analyze breaking issues in German-American affairs that reflect the comprehensive research and analysis that AICGS produces. Members may also participate actively in the ongoing work of the Institute, whether through involvement in ongoing studies, review of programs, or by offering new ideas for future projects.

Although these are the four main individual membership levels, AICGS welcomes contributions at all levels.

Corporate Sponsorship

AICGS partners with the private sector is a wide variety of ways. Below are some of the avenues available to engage with the Institute.

AICGS partners with 50+ companies across different industries trying to understand economic growth, political and social change, and security issues through various methods of engagement. Business leaders rely on unbiased information and analysis on issues as they arise and how they can best adapt their business. AICGS’ reputation enables us to work with senior leaders in all areas of the public and private sectors as well as academia to identify policy solutions and provide a neutral platform to host events, both large and small, to give these leaders the opportunity to converse openly and frankly with each other.

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Membership with AICGS provides access to programs that analyze major issues facing our two countries today. Whether it be questions on trade issues, immigration & integration, workforce development, cybersecurity, defense, China, or reconciliation issues, AICGS provides a neutral and credible perspective to decision-makers throughout the public and private sectors.

Corporate partners are frequently invited to AICGS for both public and off-the-record conversations about the various issues facing the world and how it relates to their business. Corporate partners are also able to hear from AICGS experts about current affairs, and are able to schedule private briefings with AICGS staff and fellows for analysis on areas of particular interest.

  • Global Leadership Group ($50,000+)
  • Executive Leadership Group ($35,000)
  • Corporate Leadership Group ($25,000)
  • Senior Associates Group ($15,000)
  • Associates Group ($10,000)

Each year AICGS awards the Global Leadership Award to a prominent business person. The Award recognizes the achievements of business leaders who, through their personal and professional accomplishments, have helped strengthen the close partnership between Germany and the United States. All donors receive benefits of seating and advertisement at the dinner based on the donation level, in addition to other membership benefits, such as invitations to events.

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Gala Sponsorship Level

Global Leaders

Executive Leaders

Corporate Leaders



Sponsorship Amount






Global Leadership Award Dinner
Prominent table for ten, premier seating area Prominent table for ten, preferred seating area Full Table 5 Seats 2 Seats
Company ad featured in Global Leadership Award Dinner program
Leadership Award Dinner program and Symposium program
Full-page ad Half-page ad
Company logo featured in Global Leadership Award Dinner Program
Invitations to exclusive events with top policymakers and global leaders
Invitations to regular workshops, lectures, and conferences in U.S. and Germany
Access to regularly produced electronic newsletters, issue briefs, policy reports, and transatlantic perspectives essays
Invitations to AICGS Symposia in Germany and New York City

One effective way to bring thought leadership to your company and raise its profile in the Washington policy community is to elevate and highlight policy issues through public or private events with experts and stakeholders around a defined theme. Event sponsorship at AICGS encompasses everything from our bi-annual conferences to our series of public events. AICGS also hosts workshops and seminars to allow executives, government leaders, and other policymakers to discuss important policy issues. Partners interested in these opportunities may work closely with AICGS scholars and staff to create a platform that addresses a policy challenge or a current, pertinent issue.

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Support for an ongoing project or support an original project in a policy area of mutual interest is another effective way of bringing thought leadership to your company. The content of AICGS’ projects will vary depending on the topic, scope, goals and funding. Projects at AICGS include research and publication of one or more papers on current public policy issues; private or public workshops and roundtables; short videos to illuminate a policy challenge; or a public presentation of the research findings.

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Foundation and Government Support

Project-specific grants, usually spanning a few months or longer, enable AICGS to develop in-depth resources to address our research areas. These project grants produce analysis and recommendations that are widely disseminated to the policy community. Together, our partners ensure that new ideas and practical solutions are generated, all of which contribute to the common goal of creating a smarter German-U.S. partnership.

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