Transatlantic Dialogue on China: Perceptions, Conflicts, and Potentials

Yixiang Xu

New Research Initiative Fellow

Yixiang Xu is the Fellow for the New Research Initiative at AICGS, working on the Institute’s China-Germany-U.S. triangular relationship initiative. He also researches international economic and trade issues. Previously, he worked at AICGS as a research assistant.

Mr. Xu received his MA in International Political Economy from The Josef Korbel School of International Studies at The University of Denver and his BA in Linguistics and Classics from The University of Pittsburgh.

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Issue Brief 57

For both Germany and the United States, China has become a foreign policy priority: a major strategic competitor in the Asia-Pacific region for the United States, and a willing partner on the topic of trade, technological development, and climate change for Germany. For the next two years, the United States and Europe will be in a crucial state of flux, with a new administration in the United States and the Bundestagswahl in Germany in 2017. It will be an excellent opportunity to rethink the German and U.S. approaches to their relationships with China and for new leadership both in Washington and Berlin to engage in a serious policy dialogue over their respective interests in and approach to China.

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