What the Next President Can Do to Save Our Alliances with Europe

Julianne Smith

Center for a New American Security

Julianne Smith is Senior Fellow and Director of the Strategy and Statecraft Program at the Center for a New American Security and a Senior Vice President at Beacon Global Strategies LLC. She is a member of AICGS' Board of Trustees.

New article by AICGS Trustee Julianne Smith in Washington Monthly.

The transatlantic relationship has suffered a series of near-fatal blows in recent years. President Trump has openly questioned America’s Article 5 commitment to defend any attacked NATO member, dubbed the European Union a “foe,” and repeatedly disparaged some of America’s closest allies—for example, calling Germany “captive to Russia.” The people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. France and Germany, instead of joining forces to chart a future course for the European project, have spent years trapped between President Emmanuel Macron’s unbridled desire to lead a more assertive Europe and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s caution and paralysis.

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This article was originally published by Washington Monthly in the January/February/March 2020 edition.

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