Notizen Weekly for March 3

A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations

Business and Economics

Time to Buy Germany ETFs As Growth Hits Five-Year High? (NASDAQ)

ECB Still Lead Actor in Bund Performance Despite Le Pen Cameo (Bloomberg)

German inflation surpasses ECB target (DW)

German business chiefs prepare to defend free trade in US (Financial Times)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

Trump seeks ‘historic’ U.S. military spending boost, domestic cuts (Reuters)

Support for Germany’s Social Democrats drops for first time since Schulz nomination (DW)

How much could other countries buy with Trump’s military spending surge? (CNN)

Germany, France Send Top Diplomats to Washington Looking for Answers (Bloomberg)

German Foreign Minister Skeptical on Defense Spending Boost (US News)

Society, Culture & Politics

Meet Martin Schulz, the Europhile populist shaking up Germany’s elections (Washington Post)

UN says racial profiling widespread in Germany (Politico)

Turkey jails reporter from Germany’s Die Welt paper: court witness (Reuters)

Angela Merkel condemns arrest of German journalist in Turkey (Telegraph)

A German debate over the future of Europe is long overdue (Financial Times)

Germany’s populist AfD party anxious after dip in polls (DW)