Notizen Weekly for February 3

A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations

Business and Economics

Trans-Atlantic Mood Sours as Merkel Refutes Trump on Euro (Bloomberg)

ECB has an inflation problem … called Germany (Politico)

Merkel rejects U.S. comments, says Germany cannot influence euro (Reuters)

Germany’s exporters fear Trump effect on trade (Financial Times)

U.S. protectionism would hurt all sides: German minister (Reuters)

VW and Bosch propose deals to settle US diesel claims (BBC)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

Tunisian IS Suspect Arrested Over Attack Plot in Germany (ABC News)

Germany’s Schulz calls Trump ‘un-American’, warns against lifting Russia sanctions (Reuters)

Trump and Merkel agree on NATO’s ‘fundamental importance’ (The Local DE)

Germany sends tanks to Lithuania for NATO mission (Reuters)

Petraeus to warn HASC U.S. alliances at risk (Politico)

Society, Culture & Politics

Germany approves electronic ankle bracelets to monitor extremists (Deutsche Welle)

Problems ‘resolved’ for German dual citizens under Trump’s travel ban (The Local DE)

US travel ban: Officials admit poor communication but defend policy (BBC)

Merkel Challenger Wants ‘Fairness’ Pact in German Election (NY Times)

Refugees in Germany lend a hand to displaced persons in Iraq (Deutsche Welle)