Notizen Weekly for September 30, 2016

A weekly round-up of news and happenings in German-American relations.

Business and Economics

Strong inflation numbers from Germany (Reuters)

U.S. economy less sluggish in 2nd qtr; companies investing more (Reuters)

Right-wing extremism is hitting the German economy (CNBC)

Deutsche Bank Troubles Dent Europe’s Economic Engine (Bloomberg)

German economy minister sees steady growth through 2017 (Reuters)

In Germany, Demand for Engineers Outruns Supply (WSJ)

German economy expecting golden autumn, says Ifo head (BBC)

German business leader issues warning over post-Brexit trade with UK (The Guardian)

France, Germany Warn Against Stricter Capital Rules for Banks (NYP)


Foreign and Domestic Policy

The Latest: Germany calls for Syria cease-fire (WP)

Brussels takes Germany to court over toll plans (FT)

Overruled: Congress Soundly Rejects Obama’s Veto of 9/11 Bill (FP)

Is Human Rights Watch Too Closely Aligned With US Foreign Policy? (The Nation)


Society, Culture and Politics

Facebook must ban abusive content, says German Justice Minister Maas (DW)

Germany used to be the promised land for migrants. Now, it’s turning back more of them (WP)

Dresden counters right-wing extremism following bomb attacks (DW)

USA: What Does Immigration Actually Cost Us? (NYT)

Shock in Berlin after refugee killed by police (DW)

More than 800 attacks on German politicians so far this year (DW)

The New Face of Immigration Is Changing the Housing Market (Bloomberg)

Conference on Islam: Between dialogue and estrangement (DW)

How Americans Feel About Immigration and Muslims in a Time of Donald Trump (WSJ)

Immigrants boost growth but can cause tensions, IMF says (CNBC)

Rising German political star Jens Spahn says migrants must adapt (FT)



“Integrating Migrants into the Workforce” on October 7 will be held from 8:30 to 2:30 at SEIU.

Applications for interns at AICGS are accepted for one more week.

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