Notizen Weekly for October 7, 2016

A weekly round-up of news and happenings in German-American relations.

Business and Economics

German taxman goes after foreign banks (DW)

Germany’s Merkel calls for push on EU-US trade deal (WP)

Germany’s economy minister woos Tehran on trade visit (DW)

German businesses consider alternative labor models (DW)

Concern Over Deutsche Bank’s Health Shakes Markets (NYT)

Angela Merkel urges German firms to back tough stance in Brexit talks (The Guardian)

International Monetary Fund slashes prospect for U.S. growth (WP)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

The German Bundeswehr’s fight against ‘IS’ in Incirlik (DW)

Germany to Set Conditions for Future Aid to Afghanistan (NYT)

Merkel faces protests in Dresden (DW)

Balancing act: Economy Minister Gabriel goes to Iran (DW)

Society, Culture and Politics

Number of newborn children to foreign mothers on the rise in Germany (DW)

German Prosecutors Side With Satire, Not Turkish President (NYT)

Germany reunified 26 years ago, but some divisions are still strong (WP)

How U.S. Immigration Judges Battle Their Own Prejudice (NYT)

Health, race and police brutality (USA Today)

Analysis: Trump May Have Had the Worst Week in Presidential Campaign History (NBC News)