Notizen Weekly for October 21, 2016

A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations

Business and Economics

The chemical company BASF starts operating again in Germany after fatal explosion (The Engineer)

International Monetary Fund urges Germany to increase its domestic public investment (Financial Times)

German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) told Tesla to dump Autopilot brand (BBC News)

German Economy minister is optimistic about CETA (DW)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

United States faces increase in illegal immigration by 23 percent (NBC News)

Chancellor Merkel supports setting of EU refugee quotas to avoid growing German nationalism (Harvard Political Review)

Germany shootings: ‘Far-right gunman’ injures Bavaria police (BBC News)

German parliament reforms intelligence service by passing controversial espionage law (Reuters)

Leaders Agree to Create ‘Road Map’ for Ukraine Peace Process (ABC News)

No additional threat to Germany from the fight against ISIS (The New York Times)

Society, Culture and Politics

German AfD leader voices opinion: Trump offers change that may ease U.S.-Russian tensions (Reuters)

Germany faces increase in emigration (Gatestone Institute)

Several attack by ‘creepy clowns’ reported in Germany as US trend spreads across Europe (DW)

Birthrate in Germany rises to 33-year high (The Guardian)

Immigrants contribute to America winning Nobel Prizes (Forbes)

Students under growing financial pressure in Germany (DW)


On October 27, a seminar on on the role Germany is playing in the evolving “strategic triangle” of the EU, US and China.

On November 3, a seminar on governing the global financial markets after the crisis of 2007-2009.