AICGS Notizen Weekly

Business and Economics

Bank Stability Review: Merkel Misleads German Public (Spiegel): Taxpayers would never again have to bail out big banks, declared Angela Merkel at the G20 summit in Australia. This report checks the facts: Is the Chancellor telling the truth?

America’s Standing Order for Germany (FAZ): Just before the critical G20 summit in Australia, the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury clarified, as usual, what he expects from Germany: To do more, so Europe’s economy grows faster again.

More and More Multi-Millionaires: Germans Get Rich by Inheriting (Spiegel): Germany is home to 19,000 multi-millionaires — more than anyplace else in Europe. In the U.S. the rich predominantly earn their fortune themselves; in Germany it’s different.

Hobbits Like Us (SZ): The example of fracking shows: Instead of coming to terms with the potentials and risks of a new technology, Germans prefer to mobilize against modernization — and their politicians follow suit. More education and less conspiracy theories are urgently needed.


Foreign and Domestic Policy

Merkel Issues Rebuke to Russia, Setting Caution Aside (NYT): Tit-for-tat expulsions of diplomats. Russian naval ships showing up as world leaders meet in Australia. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany telling Russia sternly to play by 21st-century rules — and President Vladimir Putin practically spitting fury over Western reaction to his annexation of Crimea.

Steinmeier’s Diplomacy on Russia: The Shadow Chancellor (Spiegel): The Ukraine crisis is a top-level issue — for Chancellor Merkel as well as Foreign Minister Steinmeier. But the SPD man is clearly calling his own shots. Are these the first signs Germany’s diplomatic line against Putin is fraying?

German Mission Misses Many Aims in Afghanistan (Spiegel): The 13-year Bundeswehr deployment in Afghanistan is coming to a close. What has it achieved? The government’s record is sobering.


Society, Culture & Politics

 40 Under 40 Who Will Change Germany (Welt): Who will shape Germany in future? The “Welt” introduces Germans under 40 who will still make headlines – whether in business, in science or in entertainment.

Shooter of Diren Dede had previous convictions (FAZ): The man who shot and killed exchange student Diren Dede in Montana had been previously convicted for violent offenses. In December he will face a court date again.



Elements of Apprenticeship in Europe – AICGS Site Visit Summary: AICGS conducted a European study tour from October 5-15, 2014 that examined the role of apprenticeship in workforce development in Germany, France, Hungary, and the United Kingdom. Our goal was to identify best practices among employers, educators, government, and other stakeholders in preparing their current and future workforce for careers in manufacturing and information technology.

Video: Amb. Stanzel Shares Lessons for Reconciliation in Asia: Following his keynote speech at AICGS’ conference on “Rising Tensions in East Asia?: A Transatlantic Perspective,” Ambassador Volker Stanzel sat down with AICGS Society, Politics & Culture Program Director Dr. Lily Gardner Feldman to discuss lessons from Germany and Europe’s reconciliation process that Asian nations could consider in their region .

Building a Smarter German-American Partnership