AICGS Notizen Weekly

Business and Economics

Top-Economist Wants to Split the Euro-Zone in Two (Welt): Many experts want to solve Europe’s issues with increased spending. The U.S. central bank critic Allan Meltzer proposes two separate currencies instead.

Foreign Trade: Record of German Export Surplus to the United States (Welt): The German economy has again exported more goods than it has imported in the last year. The export surplus to the United States has been the highest in its history.

The Debate over Rent Control Increases Rents (FAZ): German landlords have reacted long before rent control comes in 2015. An analysis of eleven cities’s residential rental markets shows that they simply increased the rent in advance.

G-20 Summit: Merkel Travels Very Far to Feel Alone (Welt): Angela Merkel joins the G-20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia, to insist on more banking regulation. This will put her in an outsider position, similar to the German stand on avoiding new borrowings.


Foreign and Domestic Policy

 Euthanasia Debate in the German Bundestag Becomes Personal (SDZ): How does German society deal with sick people who wish to die? The Bundestag is taking its time to debate this question properly. The issues are the prohibition of organized euthanasia and the legal security of doctors. Most importantly, however, it is a debate over human dignity.

Report by the Bundestag on President Gauck’s Role in Foreign Affairs (SDZ): How free is Federal President Joachim Gauck in his speeches? The Research Services of the German Bundestag have examined this question under the constitutional law. Their results are very balanced.


Society, Culture & Politics

 Berlin Wall Fall Anniversary: Partying Like It’s Nov 9, 1989 (WP): With moments both solemn and playful, this city put on a festival of music and lights on Sunday to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall — with hundreds of thousands jamming the streets to remember a day that marked the beginning of the end of the Cold War.

Germany Is the Most Popular Country (FAZ): The GfK identifies the most popular countries annually. Usually, the United States dominates the rankings. This year, however, another country takes the top spot.

Time for Germans to Earn the Gift of 1989 (Brookings): The reunification of Germany and of Europe, for which so many had risked so much, was a miraculous gift. A gift which most German had done nothing to deserve, for which most Germans were unprepared, and whose meaning they took a long time to decipher.



Is the Euro Crisis Back? Now in the second half of 2014, the European economy has hit a rough patch, triggering renewed anxiety among policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic. Alexander Privitera explains how economists and politicians are still trying to assess whether the U.S. economy is strong enough to pull the weaker euro zone out of its gravitational drift toward chronic stagnation.

Tuition Fees in Germany – Much Ado About Nothing? While American tuition soars with little protest, German students have managed to secure an end to all tuition fees. AICGS Research Intern Jens Schulz analyzes why.

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