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Business and Economics

Germany Without Angst? That Worries Me. (NYT): I’m starting to worry about the endless flow of good news from Germany. Because what we Germans have done so far was to correct mistakes from the past. What we don’t have, I fear, is a plan for the future.

Wall Street Under Threat of Divestiture (SZ): Manipulation, ethical derailment, law-breaking: The Fed criticizes that the culture of banking institutions has not improved since the crisis. Now regulators want to tighten the screws–so that execs could be held accountable with their own money.

Loss of control? Yes, please. (SZ): The NSA affair is not deterring German companies from storing their data with American ones. Thus, Amazon is opening two new computing centers in Frankfurt.

What were these four Dax chiefs doing in Moscow? (Die Welt): Due to the Ukraine crisis, the West is punishing Russia with sanctions. Despite that, the heads of four Dax-listed companies just met with Prime Minister Medvedev. Now their firms are acting secretive about the appointment.


Foreign and Domestic Policy

The day the young John Kerry got a scare in East Berlin (Die Welt): U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier demonstrated unity just ahead of the anniversary of the Fall of the Wall. They reminded of what America and Germany can accomplish together.

Germany Is Sending a Military Training Mission to Northern Iraq (NYT): Germany is sending a mission to northern Iraq to examine whether its military, and possibly those of other European nations, can expand the training of Kurdish forces battling jihadists there, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Thursday.

Anti-ISIS Mission: Government’s Iraq Plans Irritate Members of Parliament (Spiegel): The German governemnt plans to get more involved in the fight against ISIS and is aiming at a training mission in Kurdistan. But it does not want to wait for a mandate from praliament–coalition as well as opposition MPs are resentful.

U.S. teenagers intercepted in Frankfurt on their way to Syria (Die Zeit): FBI Agents held up three girls at the Frankfurt airport. The girls, aged between 15 and 17, wanted to join terrorist militia ISIS.


Society, Culture & Politics

Germany’s History Lesson for Britain (NYT): Ernst Barlach was one of Germany’s great Expressionist artists of the early 20th century. A virulent nationalist in the run-up to World War I, Barlach found that his experience of the Western Front stripped him of his jingoism. Much of his subsequent work explored the sorrow and suffering that he saw as the human condition.

East Germany Ages Faster (Die Zeit): The East German federal states are inhabited by more over-65-year-olds than any place else in Germany. And nowhere else did the percentage rise as quickly.

This Internet, it’s not going to work out (Spiegel): All of six ministers accompanied Chancellor Merkel to the National IT Summit. She will profess that the digital revolution is a special priority for her. In reality, Germany is trailing far behind it.



Germany: The Geopolitical Uncertainties of a Geo-Economic Power: For the first time, “Transatlantic Trends,” a survey of the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) beginning in 2002, showed that a majority of Germans now prefer a more independent approach to transatlantic relations. Developments in the United States as well as in Germany led to the estrangement of the two alliance partners.

Regional Institution-Building in Asia: Are There Any Lessons from Europe?: For many in the international media and among casual observers of Asia, regional institution-building may appear a mundane subject. Strengthening existing regional institutions, or establishing a more substantive one, is generally a matter of secondary importance for policymakers in most capitals in Asia.

Building a Smarter German-American Partnership