AICGS Notizen Weekly

Business and Economics

Gauck advocates trade agreement with Canada (Die Zeit): German President Joachim Gauck has called for better communication of the Ceta trade agreement with Canada. The deal is considered a blueprint for the TTIP treaty with the United States.

Alexander Dobrindt: Google defies the social market economy (FAZ): Europe does not want to surrender the Internet business to big corporations from the United States and China. The contest over data may be lost, but the German Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure says that there are others that can be won.

Germany’s major export: economic optimism (Washington Post): People in advanced economies are unhappy with their countries’ economic situation. Except for Germany. Fully 85 percent of Germans said their homeland’s economic situation was good. How do we account for this German exceptionalism?

The Last Hurrah of the Prideful Germans (Die Welt): With its economy on the rise and the people feeling like World Champions, Germany haughtily looks down upon other economies and wants to act as a model. Meanwhile its own decline has already long begun.


Foreign and Domestic Policy

Von der Leyen visits German soldiers in Iraq (Die Welt): Hours after weapons shipments commenced, the Minster of Defense arrived in the Kurdish capital of Erbil. Six Bundeswehr instructors are still held up in Bulgaria.

Steinmeier in New York: No charging in head-first (FAZ): To start off his visit to New York, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier made clear: Berlin wants to reform the United Nations and play a weightier role itself.

Bad Aibling, the BND’s extralegal control room (Die Zeit): In Bad Aibling the BND and the NSA eavesdrop together, without any legal basis. The agreements were negotiated by the secret services alone, and now they refuse to let anyone see them.


Society, Culture & Politics

Foreign Minister Steinmeier Presents Elie Wiesel with Knight Commander’s Cross (German Information Center): Foreign Minister Steinmeier presented the Knight Commander’s Cross to writer-historian and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel on Tuesday in New York.

German Unification, also financially (Die Zeit): The Solidarity Pact II expires in 2019. The Federal Government intends to replace it with funding for all of Germany’s structurally weak regions.



Video: Is the Euro Crisis Coming Back? A Discussion with Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn: The Euro Crisis is back as lending, labor productivity, and overall competitiveness in the European periphery continues to lag behind. Professor Hans-Werner Sinn and AICGS Business & Economics Director Alexander Privitera discuss this structural problem and the—likely painful—path out.

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