In this latest installment of the AICGS At Issue Interview Series, AICGS President Jack Janes sits down with Richard Fisher, current President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and former member of the AICGS Board of Trustees, to examine the parallels and roadblocks of the economic situation on both sides of the Atlantic. According to Mr. Fisher, both Europe and the U.S., to varying degrees, are not yet in the position to fix their financial woes. Yet, as they claw their way through a recovery, they have the opportunity to learn from past mistakes in order to create a brighter future.

  • R.G. Livingston

    Richard Fisher, whom the columnist George Will just the other day advocated as Secretary of the Treasury under a President Romney (although Fisher remains, I believe, a Democrat), presented wise and convincing arguments for why the United States and Europe should learn from each other how to deal with their fiscal crises. The United States had a harder time than Fisher maintains in getting its act together, its individual states under control. It was not by the 1840s, as Fisher said twice in the interview. The United States had to go through a civil war in the 1860s.