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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Winterkorn
CEO, Volkswagen AG

Dr. Martin Winterkorn, CEO of Volkswagen AG, received the 2012 Global Leadership Award from the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) at a gala dinner in New York on October 23.

Each year, AICGS honors an international figure who reinforces the ties between Germany and the United States. The event highlights the critical role that the German-American partnership plays in transatlantic relations. According to Jackson Janes, President of the Washington, DC-based think tank, “AICGS is honored to present this year’s award to Dr. Winterkorn in recognition of his outstanding leadership at Volkswagen and his continued strong support of German-American ties.”

Even in the face of difficult market conditions for automobile sales worldwide, Volkswagen AG has seen rising record sales over the past few years under the direction of Dr. Winterkorn. His steadfast desire to consistently improve safety and environmental standards, as well as customer and employee satisfaction, through the company’s “Strategy 2018” initiative has made Volkswagen AG one of the most successful, respected, and innovative car makers in the world.

This year’s award was presented to Dr. Winterkorn by Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) at the Institute’s 18th annual Global Leadership Award Dinner. The gala dinner was preceded by the inaugural AICGS annual conference entitled “A Symposium on the Global Economy, Financial Markets, and the Auto Industry: A German / American Perspective.” Taking place at the Deutsche Bank office of 60 Wall Street, the conference was a “Davos-style” symposium addressing the global economy, financial markets and the auto industry from a German / American perspective. Panels included: “Post the Elections — The Impact on the U.S., European and Global Economies”; “The Euro Crisis: The Choices Ahead”; and “The Future of the Auto Industry”. Keynote speakers addressed the key challenges for the U.S. economy post elections and what lies ahead for Germany and Europe.

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