No figure has left his mark on the image of a nation as thoroughly and persistently as Adolf Hitler has on that of Germany. The country, the continent, and the perpetrators, victims, and their offspring still struggle with his memory. How has that memory—and the depiction thereof—evolved in the culture of our modern, globalized, and …Read More

German leaders called early this year for a greater German role in international security, with President Gauck noting Germany’s experience already as a crucial actor in international reconciliation. AICGS’ workshop, ”Reconciliation in the Western Balkans and in East Asia: The Role of German Governmental and Civil Society Actors and Implications for the United States,” on …Read More

Taking place at AICGS on Friday, March 14 from 10:00am-12:00pm, this seminar aims to stimulate discussion on the ongoing reverberations of WWII from a transnational perspective and to explore the enduring impact of a disturbing past on subnational communities and their attempts at reconciliation.

On September 24, 2013, AICGS hosted a discussion on “The Impact of Reconciliation Initiatives: Two German Case Studies” with Dr. Romain Faure and Ms. Lina Nikou, both Harry & Helen Gray Reconciliation Fellows at AICGS. They presented two different reconciliation initiatives that Germany has implemented on an international level on the one hand and on a local level on the other hand: textbook diplomacy, which aims at changing the content of history textbooks, and the issuing of invitation to members of the former Jewish citizens of Germany to visit the towns from which they were exiled.

In a somewhat overlooked decision of the Supreme Court, the key provision of Arizona state’s immigration law is ruled constitutional. Giving rise to calls for and against this “your papers, please” law, this decision reopens a longstanding debate in American politics. Since the country’s founding, Americans have greatly feared the potential tyranny of identity documentation, …Read More

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