On October 25, 2011, the American Institute for Contemporary Studies (AICGS) hosted a discussion on “Immigrants in Foreign Policy Making in Germany and the U.S.: Two Very Different Struggles to Embrace Diversity.” During her talk, Ms. Henriette Rytz, DAAD/AICGS Fellow, analyzed how and why immigrant engagement in foreign policy making differs in Germany and the …Read More

In Issue Brief 33, “Similarities in Difference: The Challenge of Muslim Integration in Germany and the United States,” Mounir Azzaoui examines the status of Muslim integration in both countries and concludes that even though the challenges each nation faces are somewhat different, a dialogue about the experiences of Muslim integration could be made fruitful for all of the challenges ahead. This Issue Brief is part of AICGS’ project on the “Integration of Muslim Immigrants in Germany and the United States,” which works to deepen the German-American understanding of immigration and integration of Muslims.

In this AICGS Transatlantic Perspectives essay, Former DAAD/AICGS Fellow Dr. Ann Keller-Lally, Assistant Professor of German at the University of Northern Colorado, examines the differences in the German and American school systems and how the respective systems impact immigrants’ integration into the two societies. Dr. Keller-Lally looks at what the U.S. and Germany can do to improve immigrant education and integration, offering four specific recommendations to improve integration going forward.

Most migration studies tend to ignore the extent to which formal immigration and integration policies of the receiving countries affect the formation of feelings of collective belonging among immigrants. This is an aspect of particular importance when examining the experiences of migrants who came from countries where they had already existed as minority groups…

As a consequence of deepening transatlantic economic integration, trade and financial ties between the United States and Germany today are a vital part of the bilateral relationship and of relations between the United States and Europe. Economic interdependence has brought mutual benefit…

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