European Union

The Elusive Banking Union


The gathering of European leaders in Brussels is successfully meeting the very low expectations observers had at the onset. As we wrote at the beginning of the week, this summit was not meant to be the forum tasked with making any specific decisions. Instead, it merely sets the stage for the upcoming… Read more >

Lowered Expectations

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Just a few days before the next European Union summit in Brussels begins, it is time to lower expectations. This will not be one of those gatherings that lends itself to be branded as a make or break moment for the euro zone. Those who expect the summit to include a Spanish… Read more >

The Nobel Nudge


The response to the Nobel committee awarding this year’s peace prize to the European Union has been a mixed bag − and predictably so. The cynics pointed to the struggles of the EU to maintain momentum, as well as relative calm at times, amidst the strife over the euro. Those more positively… Read more >

A Long Road of Reconciliation

The European Union was awarded the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize is recognition of the progress made over the past sixty years on a continent once rife with war and conflict.  That former enemies were able to form new ties, institutionalize relations, and cede aspects of their sovereignty to a supranational organization is… Read more >

The Nobel’s New Narrative


With the recent awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union, AICGS takes a look at what some of Europe’s leaders are saying about the meaning of the award at this time, as well as what the award could mean for Europe as its struggles to right its financial ship…. Read more >

Dominik Tolksdorf

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Dr. Dominik Tolksdorf joined AICGS as a DAAD/AICGS Fellow in September and October 2012. His research focuses on U.S.-EU cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since the 1990’s, transatlantic cooperation in Bosnia has often been ambiguous: While cooperation has been strong in the areas of security and defense, at times there have been… Read more >

October 3: Marking Milestones, Pursuing Processes

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This week, Germany celebrated its unity for the twenty-second time on October 3. It is not one of those more prominent milestones such as a twentieth anniversary, but it serves once again as a reminder of what unification meant in 1990 and what the benchmarks since then have been in both sides of what… Read more >

Seeking Solutions in Syria


While the media in the U.S. and in Europe spent the last two weeks largely focused on the final Olympic medals count in London, reports on the rising body count in Syria ran second on the nightly news. Parallel to the drama unfolding in Syria is the continuing debate in Washington and… Read more >

Slimming Down: The Pivot, Austerity, and the Path Ahead for Transatlantic Security


“If Article 5 beckons, the United States should and will be there.” Barry Pavel and Jeff Lightfoot of the Atlantic Council It goes beyond saying that this statement is one of the few that all Americans agree on. But that is exactly the unsettling aspect of this reassurance. What necessitated this sentence?… Read more >

Europe’s Tightening Window of Opportunity


Joining the growing number of high profile warnings on the future of the European and world economies, World Bank researchers gravely take note of the euro zone’s eroding gross domestic product, which is expected to decline 8.5 percent in the coming year. Given this path, they are asking themselves “what will happen,… Read more >