We would like to present you with a challenge:

Washington, D.C. is filled with savvy think tanks. When our staff go to other organization events, we observe that our competitors check their guests in on iPads. We have the technology to do this too, but we don’t have the iPads. Can you help? We would like three iPads, and thanks to your generosity, we have already funded one!

We are also hoping to purchase new computers for the staff and visiting fellows, as many of our computers cannot function on the new platforms.

We hope this will work, because just recently you helped us crowdfund five new computers, an ipad, and a new laptop. We thank you for helping us bring the products of our research to you in a better way!

The progress bar below shows how far we’ve come to fund twelve computers, a laptop, and three ipads. Help us speed up the progress!  

50% Complete (success)

You may make a donation by filling out and mailing us the gift order form with your check, or by donating online. Please specify “Crowdfunding” as the purpose of your donation. If you are donating from Germany, please contact Lynn Van Norstrand at lvn@aicgs.org for information on making a tax free donation to our Verein.

Toshiba Satellite P50-BBT2G22 Touchscreen Premium Edition Notebook PC

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Thank you for recognizing the budget constraints faced by a small non-profit! Please visit our campaign page for more information.